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Wolf-Claw Climbers

These tree climbers are unlike any other tree spurs we carry. Wolf-Claw spurs have original designs that take a new approach to how a climber should fit the leg and support the tree climber while in use.

Wolfclaw Climbing Spurs

Wolf-Claw Climbing Spurs

Wolf-Claws Set
All Straps

Here's a new idea! Most tree climbing spurs have all the padding on the front of the shin, but Wolf-Claws have a padded strap on the front and full-boot construction along the back of the leg. Made from high-impact nylon with 4130 steel imbedded in the shell, this new product offers unique support to the climber. Designed for professionals, easy to put on, crafted for safety, durability, and comfort, and competitively priced. The upper strap is adjustable, the leg rest can be adjusted, and the boot liner can be adjusted with spacers for a custom fit. Gaffs are replaceable and adjustable in height. Set contains Wolf-Claw climbers, gaff-guards, and carry bag. Set weighs approximately 9 lb.

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