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Handled, Foot, Knee, and Chest Ascenders

Handled and foot ascenders are key tools in SRT (Single Rope Technique) climbing systems and can even improve the ease of climbing in Doubled Rope Systems. You'll find handled ascenders at the top of this page, followed a variety of foot ascenders, with miscellaneous ascenders at the bottom of the page.

Foot loops and ascender tethers can be found on the ascender slings and tethers page.

You may also want to check out our SRT climbing kits.

Petzl Ascension Hand Ascender

Right Hand
Left Hand

The Petzl Ascension is our most popular handled ascender. The ergonomic design of the handle makes them nicer to use on long climbs. Toothed cam is easily engaged with a thumb lever and gives excellent purchase on ropes up to 1/2”. Two holes of different sizes provide attachment points for slings. Light-weight aluminum construction Makes a climbing system with the ascender foot strap and foot ascender. Sold individually.

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Petzl Basic Ascender


Compact rope clamp can be installed one handed. Lower holes for connecting lanyards, upper hole allows a carabiner to be attached for self belaying or hauling systems. Toothed cam. 7/16" capacity.

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Petzl Ascentree Hand Ascender


Petzl’s new Ascentree double- handled ascender is the best way to get a two fisted grip on a line. Perfect for the secured footlock or the single rope technique, the Ascentree will accept 1 or 2 legs of rope up to 13 mm (1/2”). The toothed cams can be retracted for easy installation and removal. Holes in the frame above each cam will accept carabiners for attaching prusik back-ups and keeping the cams engaged.

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CT Quick'Arbor Dual Hand Ascender

# ASC189

The Quick'Arbor dual hand ascender from Climbing Technologies offers a number of brilliant innovations. The first thing you'll notice is that the handles are angled about 45-degrees forward. This 'v' shape puts your arms at a much more natural angle for faster and more comfortable climbing. The cams are easy to engage and disengage, and plastic covers for the top of the ascender keep out twigs and branches from jamming in during a climb. 1/2” capacity.

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Kong Trender Handled Ascender

Kong Trender Handled Ascender


New double ascender designed specifically for arborists. Fitted with safety system to avoid accidental dislodging of the rope and intrusion of branches. Works on doubled rope from 8 to 13mm (up to 1/2” capacity.) Toothed cam.

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Kong Futura Hand Ascender

Kong Futura Hand Ascender

Right Hand
Left Hand

A radical new approach to climbing ropes, the Futura is here! The Kong Futura was designed by top cavers for tight places in the most remote areas on earth (or under it). Lightweight, with an ergonomic grip design, this hand ascender offers great functionality and takes up minimal room in your gear bag. 1/2" (12.7mm) rope capacity.

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CMI Expedition

CMI Expedition Ascender

Right Hand Only
Left Hand Only

The CMI Expedition ascenders combine CMI's experience in making durable, high-endurance climbing gear with a more comfortably shaped handle. Like all CMI products, this Ascender features a lifetime wear-out guarantee on the cams. Extra-large hand grip with holes for attaching slings or foot straps. Sold in pairs. Toothed cam. 1/2" capacity.

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CMI Twin Expedition Ascender

CMI Twin Arborist Expedition Ascender (EXPTWIN)


The CMI Twin Arborist Expedition Ascender is the first single-handled dual ascender designed to meet the needs of industry-leading arborist professionals. The "EXPTWIN" easily accommodates three rope techniques: the 2:1 doubled rope technique (DdRT), 1:1 single rope technique (SRT), and 1:1 twin line ascent (DdRT). It is intuitive and easy to use, has redundant safety features, and is the first ascender on the market to use one finger to actuate both cams for one-handed downward adjustability.

Weighs 15 ounces, measures 8" x 3.8", with MBS of 3,300 lb 1/2" capacity.

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CMI Ultrascenders

CMI Ultrascenders

Long Pair

Chrome-moly steel ascenders are high strength,corrosion resistant, and have a lifetime wear guarantee on the toothed cams. The large size fits the hand more comfortably and has twin holes for attaching foot loops. Sold in pairs. 1/2" capacity.

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Camp Turbo Foot Ascender

Camp Turbo Foot Ascender New in 2014!

Right Foot
Left Foot

Foot ascenders are about to take a big step with the advent of the Turbo ascender from Italian manufacturer CAMP. These foot ascenders are compact and lightweight as you would expect from top-quality climbing gear, but the real exciting development is in the rollers that sit opposite the tooth cam. These rollers increase ascending efficiency and reduce wear on your climbing lines and the ascender. The straps on the Turbo foot are easy to adjust and reinforced on the step. Available right or left. Fits 8mm-13mm rope (up to 1/2"). Weighs 4.8oz.

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Quick Step Foot Ascender

Right Foot
Left Foot

An easy-to-install foot ascender with fully-adjustable webbing, reinforced on the bottom with tubular webbing. The Quick Step is balanced to avoid twisting, and can be removed from the line with a simple, backwards motion. Aluminum body, 1/2" capacity. This is a great mid-sized foot ascender, sizing in right between the Pantin and CMI foot ascenders. Choose between right foot (orange) and left foot (gray). Rope and boots sold separately. Weighs 6.5 oz.

CT Foot Ascender overview by Niceguydave

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Petzl Pantin Foot Ascender

Right Foot
Left Foot

Used in connection with a handled ascender, this device can make rope climbing much easier and less tiring. The climber attaches it to the ankle and stands on the Dyneema reinforced foot strap. the cam engages the rope, allowing the climber to effortlessly maintain position. Improved in 2013 with a lower profile, reduced weight, and easier to adjust buckles. Quick and easy to install, and reduces the amount of effort needed to climb. 1/2" rope capacity.

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Petzl Ascension Hand Ascender

CMI Foot Ascender

Right Foot
Left Foot

Rope climbing is made easier by the CMI Foot Ascender. The addition of this boot-mounted device maintains tension on the rope, allowing for easier advancement of the main ascender, and promotes better use of body mechanics by keeping your body in an upright position. The body is crafted from anodized aluminum, and the hard coated cams carry CMI's exclusive wear-out guarantee, the same as our popular Ultrascenders ascenders. 1/2” capacity.

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HAAS Ascent System

# CLI520-R
# CLI520-L

The HAAS ascender is slick ascent tool which places a Climbing Technology at knee height. The bungee and snap on the top is connected to your Hitch Climber pulley (or another point in your system) and tends the device, while climber stands in the adjustable foot loop. With the HAAS ascent system, you can climb quickly and with a motion that many find more natural than the basic rope walker. By alternating between the HAAS and a foot ascender (on your dominant foot) you can basically run up the line!

The HAAS ascent system is available in regular or long, and works with ropes up to 13mm (1/2”) in diameter, in either SRT or DdRT systems.

Click on the 'More Info' link for further details.

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Beranek Double Line Rope Walker


This neat little ascender system can be added on to any rope climbing system using 7/16” (11mm) ropes. This kit was thought by veteran climber Gerry Beranek. In the doubled rope technique, this system puts a footstrap on the Basic which is in turn connected to the rope by a Prusik on a custom bungee lanyard. This bungee advances the ascender as soon as you step up with your leg that is in the footstrap. Pretty keen. Contents: Pre-sewn bungee with snap, prusik, adjustable nylon foot strap, Petzl Basic ascender.

Video Overview by Niceguydave.

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Camp Turbochest Ascender

Camp Turbochest Ascender New in 2014!


The rollers on this new chest ascender from CAMP of Italy are a big step up for ascending hardware. Normally this would be wear the rope could rub against the device. Placing these rollers here decreases wear and friction, making for a more efficient ascent. The Camp Turbochest is extremely lightweight, at only 3.9 oz, designed to lay flat against the chest, and works with ropes from 8-13mm (up to 1/2").

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Croll Chest Ascender

For 8mm - 11mm Ropes
For 11mm - 13mm Ropes

Improved Croll remains the best chest ascender. When used with a chest harness, the croll keeps you upright and well-positioned. Lays flat on the chest and can be easily installed on the line one-handed. Safety catch keeps rope captured.

Croll has a 7/16" (11mm) Max Rope size for the original, and is also available in a larger version which fits 1/2" ropes so that you can use this popular chest ascender on your favorite half-inch climbing ropes.

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Petzl Shunt

Petzl Shunt Ascender


Replaces self-jamming knots like the prusik and Klemheist. The cam is a smooth bar, not toothed, which prevents the rope from being damaged when loaded suddenly. Because it accepts single or double rope, the Shunt is ideal for use in the secured footlock technique. 7/16" capacity.

Technical notice from Petzl for user's of the shunt as a backup device: Read the alert on Petzl's website.

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PMI Chest Roller


Designed as an aid for climbing in the single rope technique, the chest roller helps by keeping the climber's torso connected to the rope. This enables the climber to recline comfortably without having to exert the stomach and arm muscles to keep the upper body close to the rope.

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PMI Chest Roller Harness

Size 1 (Standard)
Size 2 (Large - XL)

The chest roller harness is required in order to wear the chest roller. It is made of strong nylon webbing and has lots of padding and surface area to be soft and comfortable around the armpits and against the back.

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