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Tree Climbing & Tree Work Boots

Are your regular work boots not cutting it when it comes to spur climbing? A good spur climbing boot will greatly increase your comfort while climbing. Some folks don't think of boots as safety gear, but we're of the opinion that a boot that reduces your fatigue and discomfort while standing on your spurs helps keep your mind on the job and not your aching feet - and that increases your comfort and your safety in the tree.

Shop for Wesco Highliners Wesco Highliners

The best boots in the business are Wesco Highliners. From steel heel plates to extra leather construction, the Highliners are built for the serious spur climber.

Shop for Highliners
Tango Light Climbing Boots Tango Light Climbing Boots

Lightweight, durable, and comfortable boots built by Drayer to be twhe best in the trees. Loaded with great features for tree climbing.

Shop for Tango Boots
Shop for Wesco Jobmasters Wesco Jobmasters

Incredibly constructed work boots ideal for groundwork Jobmasters feature the same great construction that makes the Highliners famous, without the spur climbing features.

Shop for Jobmasters
Pfanner Zermatt Boots Zermatt Chainsaw Boots

Excellent support, traction, and waterproofing in addition to Class 1 chainsaw protection and an aluminum safety cap. Great boots for tree work!

Shop for Zermatt Boots
Shop for Thorogood Spur Climbing Boots Thorogood Linemen's Boots

Thorogood lineman's boots are quality boots made in the U.S.A. at an affordable price.

Shop for 16” Lineman's Boots

Oboz Yellowstone II Boots Oboz Yellowstone II Boots

This rugged hiking boot is light and tough enough to be a great spurless tree climbing boot.

Shop for Yellowstone II Boot
Shop for Thorogood Work Boots Thorogood Work Boots

Thorogood work boots are available with or without a composite safety toe. Affordable, quality boots made in the U.S.A.

Shop for Work Boots

Boot Accessories Boot Care

Boot care essentials, including oils, laces, dryers, & more.

Shop for Boot Care
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