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Silky Saws: The Best Tree Pruning Hand Saws and Pole Saws

Silky saws have made a huge splash in the tree pruning industry. Silky's saws cut faster and last longer than traditional saws, and are designed with the professional tree pruner in mind.

What are Silky Saws?

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Silky Saws are a brand of saw manufactured by UM:KOGYO, INC., a Japanese company making saws since 1919. Silky manufactures a variety of saws, from small folding saws to heavy-duty telescoping professional pole saws. Every Silky Saw is a finely crafted tool which surpasses cheap hardware-store saws in cutting performance, durability, and comfort of use. While Silky makes saws for every application, from camping and hiking to carpentry, WesSpur Tree Equipment only stocks the saws which Silky makes for tree pruning. A full selection of silky Saws for tree work can be found in our saws and pruners section.

What makes Silky Saws so great?

Silky have really pushed the envelope in developing new saws and blades. Our customers report that Silky saw blades typically last 2-3 times longer than other saw blades, while cutting faster. This is because of the innovation Silky has done in their saw design.

Silky Blade Hardening

All Silky saws feature laser-cut blades made from a unique steel alloy exclusive to Silky. Additionally, many Silky blades feature impulse-hardened teeth. This means that the saw teeth are heated and instantly hardened. Because of this process, a Silky saw has extremely durable teeth which maintain their fast-cutting edge much longer than conventional saws. This hardening process is localized to the teeth, which leaves the rest of the blade with normal flexibility.

Many Silky blades feature a hard chrome plating, which gives the saw blade an extra hard, durable surface that is rust-resistant and easily wipes clean.

Taper-ground blades are also an important feature of Silky saws. This means that the blades are thicker near the teeth than near the spine of the blade, which keeps the saw moving freely and prevents it from binding in the cut.

Handle design is another improvement over wooden-handled saws. Silky saws have comfortable, custom rubber compound handles which reduce vibration, fatigue, and are easier to grip when working in gloves or in bad weather. In addition, on Silky hand saws the blade is constructed in a full-tang style, extending the full length of the handle. This makes for a secure, steady grip without wobble in the blade.

Every Silky Saw is supplied with a custom, hard-plastic sheathe to protect the blade when not in use, or to wear on the belt as a scabbard. This is another advantage Silky Saws have; the price of a scabbard is included in the price of the saw.

Silky has maintained the highest quality in their products, and their saws have earned a great reputation. The manufacturing process Silky uses is certified to ISO 9001 (a quality standard defined by the International Standards Organization), and meets internationally recognized high standards of excellence. The quality in every Silky Saw can be felt with every cut. Silky backs up their quality with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on every saw.

What type of saws does Silky make?

Silky makes every type of saw you can imagine, from small folders that can fit in your pocket to twenty-one foot extendable pole saws. WesSpur carries the Silky saws which are best suited for tree pruning and arborist work, in the two main categories below.

Silky Hand Saws

Silky Hand Saws

The hand saws that Silky makes have become some of our best sellers. Silky hand saws are more expensive than wooden-handled traditional saws, yet professional arborists and tree-workers realize that the added cutting speed, durability, and longevity of the blade make the saw more than worth the price. You may find yourself replacing blades on a cheaper saw 2-3 times over the life span of a single Silky saw blade. WesSpur stocks a large selection of Silky hand saws, but we have found the three listed below to be the most popular.

Silky Zübat

The Silky Zübat is extremely popular among tree climbers because of it's great blade and compact design. The 13” blade is taper ground to prevent binding, and the blade is a nice size, large enough to cut through branches a few inches thick but still small enough at the tip to get into narrow spaces between tightly-packed branches. The Zübat is available in several sizes, but we carry only the largest (330 mm, 13”) as it is the best suited for professional tree trimming. The Zübat blade is impulse hardened, chrome-plated, taper ground, and made from SK-4 high-carbon steel. Zübat replacement blades fit both the hand saw and the extendable Zübat pole-saws. The saw with scabbard weighs in at 1 lb.

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Silky Ibuki

The Silky Ibuki is like the “Big Brother” to the Zübat. Like the Zübat, the Ibuki features a taper-ground, chrome-plated blade, but the teeth are not impulse hardened. The Ibuki blade is 15” long, and the teeth are set to cut aggressively. The Ibuki cuts faster, and can rip-cut, cross-cut, and slant-cut. Because the tooth pattern on the Ibuki is more aggressive, it will cut faster and through thicker branches but leave a rougher cut, making it more suitable for removing large limbs than for fine pruning. The aggressive teeth and large size of the Ibuki make it perfect for medium sized cuts, and we have frequently found that arborists and tree climbers are choosing to use the Ibuki in places where they would have previously used a chain saw, as it is lighter to carry and takes no time to start up. The curved back of the blade gives it extra strength, and many cuts can be completed in a single, aggressive pull-stroke.

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Silky Sugoi

The Silky Sugoi is a specialty arborist saw that has become very popular amongst tree climbers. It features a taper-ground, chrome-plated blade. The Sugoi comes in at an overall blade length of almost 16” because of the special vine knife on the tip of the blade. This knife blade helps the climber use the Sugoi to cut away vines to expose the limb to be pruned. This can be a time-saver, but it can also keep the blade from easily completing a large cut in a single pull, so for jobs where it is desirable to quickly rip through medium sized branches, the Ibuki is a better choice. In addition to the blade, another unique feature of the Sugoi is the scabbard. This scabbard can be worn on the belt like all Silky scabbards, but also comes with dual straps so that it can be worn on the leg in a place that keeps it out of the way but still within easy reach. The Sugoi is a great choice for versatile pruning work in the tree.

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We carry these and several other Silky hand saws on our Silky Hand Saws page.

Silky Pole Saw Group

Silky Pole Saws

Silky Pole Saws are unique tools. Most pole saws are either fixed length, modular fiber-glass, or adjustable-length saws that lack stability and durability. Silky has improved pole-saw design by creating extendable pole saws that are durable, easy to adjust, and have incredible blades. For professional grade tree trimming, there is no substitute for the quality of a Silky pole saw. Our customers say that a Silky pole saw quickly pays for itself, as it allows the user to quickly and efficiently prune branches that would otherwise require ladders, climbing the tree, or a lift to reach. Silky pole saws are especially valuable for maintenance work on large properties, such as apartment complexes, campuses, or other large contracts. WesSpur stocks the following 4 types of pole saw, in several lengths.

Silky Hayauchi

The Silky Hayauchi is professional pole saw that is lightweight, sturdy, and easily adjustable. The aluminum sections are oval in shape for increased strength and stability, and lock into place with spring-loaded buttons. This oval shape also makes it easier to control the cutting angle of the Hayauchi. Unlike other adjustable pole saws which attempt to provide adjustment anywhere along the length and therefore are weaker and less secure, the Hayauchi sections snap into place when fully extended, making the adjustment much more reliable. The blade is one of the best features of this saw; nearly 16 inches long, with the largest teeth available on a Silky saw and a blade at the base of the teeth for scoring the bark to avoid stripping it off when the branch is cut through. Because of it's light weight, aggressive cutting blade, and durability, the Silky Hayauchi is a very popular saw at WesSpur.

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Silky Zübat Pole Saw

The Zübat pole saw is a handy, light-weight saw that uses the same blade as the popular Zübat hand saw. This saw is idea for regular pruning of commercial properties. The Zübat pole saw features the oval cross section and locking sections that make Silky pole saws popular. The largest model weighs in at just under 5 pounds, making this saw extremely easy to maneuver and use with precision.

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Silky Hayate

The Hayate is Silky's newest pole saw, and it is even thicker and stronger than the Hayauchi! The blade is over 16 inches long, extra-thick, and has a separate sickle blade at the bottom for scoring branches ahead of the cut. The poles themselves are thicker and stronger, the handle features a thicker housing and the pole end has a shock absorbing base. The Hayate is a truly heavy-duty telescoping pole saw, with every inch of it being redesigned for stability, durability, and performance. Because of this emphasis on durability, the Hayate is the heaviest of the Silky pole saws we carry, the longest version weighing in at 8 and three quarters pounds.

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Silky Longboy

The Longboy is a great saw from Silky for folks who may not have a truck to drive around their tools. The Longboy extends to 12' but the blade folds down so that when the poles are collapsed, the overall length of the Longboy is only 4.8 feet. This makes it easy to fit in the trunk or back seat, and makes this saw a great option for homeowners. The Longboy may be compact, but is still features the great oval construction, locking mechanisms, and aggressive cutting blade that make all Silky pole saws so popular. Because of it's shorter length when poles are stored, the Silky Longboy can also be shipped without oversized charges, and so is eligible for our free shipping offer.

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All these pole saws are available on our Silky pole saws page.

Silky Saws in Summary

We hope the information above has answered your questions about Silky saws, and made clear the value of these excellent professional arborist saws. If you have questions about a Silky product that you do not see answered here, please feel free to contact us. If you are ready to start shopping for Silky Saws, then click the links below to view them in our online store.

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