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Port-A-Wrap XL image

Port-A-Wrap XL

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Port-a-Wrap XL - Made in the U.S.A. for the BIGGEST tree jobs!

Port-A-Wrap XL

Buy Port-A-Wrap XL


Buckingham has taken the classic design of their original Port-A-Wrap III and cranked up the size and strength for a truly impressive friction management tool. The new Port-A-Wrap XL handles up to 7/8” line and has a tensile strength of 60,000 lb so you can use your biggest ropes on it and tackle large removals.

While more strength and larger capacity is always good, a hidden benefit of the up-sized barrel is that the 3.5” diameter on the Port-A-Wrap XL maintains a larger bend radius on all sizes of ropes, increasing the percentage of the rope's strength available to support the load. This results in improved friction management and better running. The XL Porty weighs about 18 lb and attaches to the base of the tree with a standard dead-eye sling.

Like the smaller versions of the Port-A-Wrap, Buckingham's new model is nickle-plated steel for durability and longevity in the field.

The Port-A-Wrap is made right here in the U.S.A. - accept no imitations!


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Customer Reviews

Rated: Excellent Review by: Wolf

“Every rope manufacturer explains that each diameter of rope requires certain bend radiuses (3:1 or larger) to maximize the strength of the rope. So I usually try to get rope tools with a larger diameter if possible and reasonable. So I was absolutely pleased to see a port-a-wrap (the XL) with a whopping 3 1/2" diameter bollard. It's a beautiful tool. You must understand however, that the bollard isn't the only thing that's bigger.

For example, the regular Port-A-Wrap III large is 9 3/4" long, 11 1/4" tall, with a 2 3/8" bollard and weighs 7.8 lbs; compare that with the XL which is 13" long, 13 1/2" tall, with a 3 1/2" bollard, and weighs 19.6 lbs.

It's not simply a Port-A-Wrap with a giant bend radius. It's a monster. And it requires monster jobs to really see the benefit of it. Otherwise, you'll likely be carrying around a whole lot of Port-A-Wrap with no party big enough to take it to.”

Additional Features

  • Largest Port-A-Wrap
  • Maintains proper bend radius
  • Durable finish
  • Improved friction management
  • Better control of load
Manufacturer : Buckingham
Made in : U.S.A.
Max Rope Diameter (inches / mm) : 7/8” / 22mm
Bollard Diameter : 3.5” / 8.9cm
Working Load Limit (WLL) : 6,000 lb / 2,722 kg
Tensile Strength : 60,000 lb / 27,220 kg
Construction : Nickle-plated Steel
Weight : 18.25 lb / 8.28 kg

Safety & Technical Information

Buckingham Port-A-Wrap Instructions

This PDF file was written for the smaller versions of the Port-A-Wrap III, but much of the information is applicable to the larger Port-A-Wrap XL

ANSI Z133-2012

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released the ANSI Z133 safety requirements which apply to arboriculutral operations. Components of a rigging system must be used within their Working Load Limits.

The Port-A-Wrap XL is ANSI compliant when used within the manufacturer Working Load Limits.

A green log weight chart will aid in determining the loads in tree rigging.

The full ANSI Z133 safety requirements are available on our tree care standards page.


Attaching a Port-A-Wrap with a Timber Hitch

Attaching a Port-A-Wrap with a Whoopie Sling

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