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Felcomatic and Felcotronic Pruners

WesSpur has carried to world-famous Felco Pruning Shears for years. Now we are adding to the excellent selection of Felco pruning tools we carry with the addition of the Felcomatic and Felcotronic pruners. These units give you the precision crafted reliability and durability of a Felco pruner, with added power! These are excellent pruners for orchards, nurseries, or other professions where you will be pruning all day. Feel free to call us with any questions or order directly from this page and get pruning with power right away!

Felco Pneumatic and Electric Pruners

Felcomatic Pneumatic Pruner

Hand Pruner
Pruner w/ 72” Extension

This new item from Felco is a great for anyone who has a lot of pruning to do. We brought this on as an air-powered alternative to the hydraulic tools. Shears recommended for intensive and prolonged pruning, especially when the wood is very hard. The Felcomatic is also an ideal tool when several people are working in the same area and speed and quality of work are determining factors. Requires no muscle power. The operating power for the shears is supplied by a compressor, so that branches up to 1.2” diameter can be cut with ease. The dual piston increases the cutting power and therefore improves the performance of the tool. The tool also has two safety systems: active safety (a collar surrounding the cylinder body, which blocks the blade opening lever when released), and passive safety (a hand-operated safety catch keeps the blade closed when the shears are not in use). For more comfortable pruning, cutting head can be rotated through 360°.
Features:Operating pressure: 7-15 bars. Air consumption: 24-50 liters per minute. Length: 10.2” Weight: 25 oz. Available as a hand unit factory assembled with 72” extension.

Felco Pneumatic and Electric Pruners

Felcotronic Electronic Pruner


Non-returnable. Not available to ship outside of the United States.

Powerful, light, and ergonomic, this high-tech tool has a 1.2” cutting capacity and averages a full day of use without recharging the portable battery pack, which is carried in a custom backpack for convenience. Tool weighs only 29 oz. and the pack is only 4 lb. This is a great tool for someone who is working in a nursery or other situation in which they must prune all day long. Special order.

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