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Samson Arbor Plex 12-Strand Rigging Line

Arbor-Plex is a versatile rigging line that offers a great alternative to 3-strand rigging lines for use in natural crotch rigging and also works well when running through arborist blocks and pulleys. Arbor-Plex is constructed in a Dura-Tite braiding process which helps to keep the fibers from snagging and makes the rope tough and long lasting when running directly over the branch. Arbor-Plex is not spliceable. Arbor-Plex is available in 1/2" diameter as a climbing line here. Arbor-Plex Rigging line is available in 5/8" and 3/4" diameters.

Arbor-Plex 5/8 Rigging Line

5/8” Arbor-Plex

5/8” Arbor-Plex offers 9,000 lb. of breaking strength for every day rigging use.

Click here for 5/8” Arbor Plex

Arbor-Plex 3/4 Rigging Line

3/4” Arbor-Plex

3/4” Arbor-Plex offers 12,000 lb. of breaking strength for every day rigging use.

Click here for 3/4” Arbor Plex

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