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Replacement Hand and Pole Saw Blades

These are our most popular replacement blades for hand saws or pole saws.

Silky Saw replacement blades can be found next to the appropriate saw on the Silky Hand Saw or Silky Pole Saw pages.

Samurai Saw replacement blades can be found on the Samurai Saws page. Additionally, some of the Samurai saw blades which make excellent pole saw blades can be found below.

Samurai Hand and Pole Saw Blades

Samurai Hand and Pole Saw Blades

13” Ichiban Blade
15.75” Ichiban Blade
13” Heavy-Duty Blade
15.75” HD Hand Saw Blade
15.75” HD Pole Saw Blade

Samurai Saw blades make excellent, fast-cutting pole saw blades. The Ichiban is a premium saw blade series that cuts faster than the heavy-duty series. 15.75” heavy-duty (HD) saw blades are now offered in two different styles: HD (hand), which will fit hand saws and pole saws; and HD (pole), which will fit a pole saw.

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Jameson Tri-Cut Hand Saw Blade

Jameson Razor Tooth Saw Blade

13” Jameson Blade
16” Jameson Blade

Tri-edge blades provide a cleaner cut with less wear on the blade than traditional single edge blades. Jameson's tri-edge blades are hard-chrome plated with impulse hardened teeth for increased wear resistance.

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Fanno Replacement Saw Blades

Fanno Hand and Pole Saw Blades

13” Tri-Edge Blade
13” Tri-Edge Blade w/Hook
14”* Gulleted Blade
15”* Tri-Edge Extra-Thick Blade

**Note that Fanno changed the way they measure the blade in 2013 to measure the cutting edge only. The 14" blade is what used to be called the 15", and the 15" blade is what used to be called the 17" extra-thick. Same blades, different measurements!

Fanno saw blades are dependable, fast-cutting blades, many of which utilize Tri-Edge technology. The 13”blade is standard for hand saws and pole saws, and is available with a hooked tip for pole saws. The 15” blade has gullets space along it's length to prevent material from binding in the cut. The 17” blade is sometimes called a “Mondo” blade, as it is extra-thick and strong.

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Corona Razortooth Hand Saw Blade

Corona 13” Razor Tooth Saw Blade

13” Corona Blade

13” Razor-Tooth saw blade from Corona Clipper Co.

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