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Miscellaneous Tree Rigging Slings

In addition to the standard dead-eye tree rigging slings, or whoopie or loopie tree rigging slings, there are a variety of specialty slings which are used for tree rigging operations including limb balancers, speed-line chokers, and crane slings.

Limb Balancer Eye Sling

Limb Balancer Eye Sling

3/8” x 20' Sling
1/2” x 20' Sling

This modified eye sling is generally attached to a rigging line with a prusik and then to the limb to better balance the tip and base with a single rigging line. Extra long length and eye make this sling ill-suited for attaching a block. Useful for precision removals when control of the limb being removed is critical. Hand-spliced from Samson Tenex.

3/8" sling has a WLL in choker of 1,008 lb.

1/2" sling has a WLL in choker of 2,000 lb.

3/8” Tenex Rigging Prusik

Rigging Prusik

3/8” x 36” Prusik
3/8” x 18” Loop
1/2” x 36” Prusik

Made from Tenex single-end carrier, 1/2” and 3/8” diameters with sewn eyes. 36” length is longer than standard for extra wraps on large diameter ropes.

Not for use on your climbing line.

Slide Line (Speed Line) Sling 5 Pack

Slide Line (Speed Line) Slings

Sling 5-Pack
Sling 10-Pack

Packs of pre-assembled slide line / speed line slings. These 1” nylon slings are kept in place on the SMC oval carabiners by Fast Rubber sling keepers for an easy-to use speed line sling. The SMC ovals have a wide mouth and are the perfect size for slide lining. These slide line slings can also be found in our slide line kit. ABS: 4,500 lb.

5-pack comes with 3 x 36” slings and 2 x 24” slings. 10-pack comes with 6 x 36” slings and 4 x 24” slings.

Individual Slide Line (Speed Line) Slings

Individual Slide Line (Speed Line) Slings


Individual slide line/speedline slings constructed from sewn 1” tubular Tech Tape webbing on SMC oval non-locking aluminum carabiners. Each sling is pre-assembled with a rubber sling keeper to keep the carabiner correctly positioned.

Nylon Loop Runners & Colors

1” Nylon Runners (light-duty loop slings) - MBS 23 kN (5,170 lb)

1” x 12” Nylon
1” x 24” Nylon
1” x 36” Nylon
1” x 48” Nylon
1” x 60” Nylon
1” x 72” Nylon

Lightweight Nylon Runner Slings frm 1” tubular webbing. Length is measured when loop is laid flat. Please let us know if you require a specific color, as color may vary.

Spectra Loop Runners

.5” Spectra Runners (light-duty loop slings )- MBS 4,950 lb

.5” x 12” Spectra
.5” x 24” Spectra
.5” x 36” Spectra
.5” x 48” Spectra
.5” x 72” Spectra

With a 4,950 lb. break strength, these spectra runners are lightweight and strong, and have dozens of uses for all climbers. Used for light duty applications where dynamic loads are not possible, making custom ascender slings, quick draws, and redirects. Color may vary.

Chain Reactor

Chain Reactor


The replacement for the traditional sewn daisy chains. It's perfect for repositioning, using as a foot stirrup, or for use in anchor systems.

Vertical Slide Line Slings

Vertical Slide Line Slings


1" flat nylon slings are kept captive on SMC oval carabiners with heavy-duty rubber bands. Perfect for VSL operations.

3-Strand Firewood Choker

3-Strand Vertical Slide Line (Speed Line) Sling


Affordable piece of gear for speed-lining trunk wood under 300 lb, or as redirect sling. Easily choked onto rounds. Made from 1/2” Samson Pro-Master, this sling is cheap and durable. 6’ overall length, with 12” eye. 450 lb WLL (choked).

1/2” x 15’ Tenex Tec Rigging Ring Sling

1/2” x 15’ Tenex Tec Rigging Ring Sling


Rigging sling made from 1/2” Tenex TEC and 1 1/8” inner diameter Low-Friction Rigging Ring, giving you options in your rigging.

These slings are constructed from Samson Tenex TEC (Two End Carrier) rigging line, and have been expertly spliced and lock stitched. Tenex TEC rope provides excellent strength and durability, while remaining lightweight. Because it is a hollow-braid, Tenex TEC will flatten under load, giving it increased surface area with the tree for great grip. Tenex TEC is coated for abrasion-resistance and easy identification.

1/2” Sling Working Load Limit in Choker: 1,114 lb.

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3/4” x 12’ Double Braid Rigging Ring Sling

3/4” x 12’ Double Braid Rigging Ring Sling


Rigging sling made from 3/4” Samson Stable Braid with 1-1/2” inner-diameter Low-friction Rigging Ring.

3/4” Sling Working Load Limit in Choker: 2,040 lb.

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11” Standard
22” Zipper

Screamers are single-use energy absorbing devices which have been used in rock and ice climbing on marginal anchors for decades, ”I started using them in tree work 10 years ago,” says veteran Arborist Dave Stice. ”They are an important item to have in the toolbox for extreme situations.”

Screamers can be used in your rigging system to reduce peak forces by up to 600 lb. They are great for extremely tight drop zones, situations where you don't have room to let the rope run, or for dead and decaying trees. If you are working with new groundsmen, using one of these in the system can avoiding the whiplash effect if the rope is not let run properly.

11” Standard & Shorty Screamers activate at loads greater than 2 kN, reduce peak load 3-4 kN. Runner strength 26 kN (5,395 lb).

22” Zipper Screamers activates at loads greater than 2 kN, reduces peak load 4-8 kN. Runner strength 26 kN (5,395 lb).

Marlow Soft Shackle

Marlow Soft Shackle


Soft Shackle provides a flexible, strong, durable link for attaching rigging tools. Made from high-strength Dyneema.

8mm (5/16”): MBS 12,900 lb.

10mm (3/8”): MBS 15,500 lb.

Video overview by Niceguydave.

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Screamer Loopie

Screamer Loopie


The Screamer Loopie is a standard 1/2" Tenex TEC loopie with Yates Screamers spliced on. The Loopie can be used in the standard configuration, with the Screamers only put into play when needed (single or doubled).

Screamer Loopie overview by Niceguydave.

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