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Tree Gear You'll Only Find at WesSpur

Stand out from the pack! Here we've collected tree gear you won't find anywhere else - whether that's because it's made in-house, it's an exclusive color or model made just for us, or it carries our logo. This great gear will do solid work for you.

WesSpur Head Wrap

WesSpur Tooby Head Wrap

Bark Texture w/ Logo
Black w/ Logo
Lime w/ Logo

Use Promo Code: "WRAP" for a free WesSpur Head Wrap in any order $200 or more!

This simple head wrap can be worn as a bandanna, headband, helmet-liner, neck UV-protector - you get the idea! Get one free in any order over $200 with code.

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WesSpur 'Sawdust' T-Shirt

WesSpur Shirts, Hats, & More

Check out our custom climber t-shirts, ball caps, heavy-duty hoodies, and more on our WesSpur Gear page.

Arborist Rope Bag

WesSpur Throw Line Cube


This lighter duty and more affordable folding throw line cube quickly deploys to a 16” x 16” x 16” cube capable of organizing and storing multiple throw lines without tangling. Two small interior pockets and one large exterior pocket provide places to store throw balls. Also features a webbing loop and plastic ring on the inside, as well as Velcro strip. Handles on the outside for easy carrying, and a Velcro closure to keep it all neatly closed when you're ready to fold it down and go.

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Zing-It Throw Line - Blue

1.75mm x 180’
2.2mm x 180’
1.75mm x 1,000’
2.2mm x 1,000’

Now available in Blue at WesSpur! Blue color shows up great against leaves and bark - especially in late summer and fall foliage.

Made from Dyneema fiber, Samson's Zing-It yields the highest strength, lightest weight, lowest stretch and longest wear life available. Samthane coating adds wear life and ensures the knot-holding capability. Available in 1.75mm (400 lb. average strength) and 2.20mm (580 lb. average strength).

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Chain Throw Weights

Chain Throw Weights

8 oz.
12 oz.

A new approach to an arborist throw-weight invented by Dave Wagner. These chain weights are made from stacked chain inside a nylon webbing sleeve. This creates a simple but robust throw weight that throws fine and pulls out of the canopy more easily, thanks to the rigidity and slickness of the weight. 4 sizes available. These throw weights are made by hand in Bellingham, WA.

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“Bumblebee” 4 oz Throw Weight

“Bumblebee” 4 oz Throw Weight

4 oz. - Yellow

This downsized version of our heavy duty throw weights is perfect for use with a Tru-Shot equipped with the proper reel for those 140' plus shots. It also works great when clipped to the terminal end of your climb line when advancing your rope.

DK Slider


Introducing the DK Slider, a great tool to assist in bringing down big rounds. The DK Slider is inserted behind the bar as the cut is made, and keeps the round from pinching the saw blade as the cut is completed. Once the cut is finished, the DK Slider lets the cutter push large rounds with ease, cutting down the friction and making it easy to slide the cuts off.

The DK Slider is named for its inventor, production climber and ISA-certified arborist Dan Kraus.

Check out this video of the DK Slider in action to see how it makes cutting big wood easier.

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WesSpur Spur Bag


Finally, a durable bag built specifically to carry spurs and stand up to the rigors of tree work. The WesSpur Spur Bag is a doctor-style bag that will fit spurs, flipline, saw, and other gear, and is reinforced on the bottom and with hard plastic inserts on the inside, to keep spikes from penetrating the bag. This bag is built to keep your spur points safe and your other gear from getting punctured by your spur points. Gaff guards have a way of getting lost or slipping from the points while in the bag, so this Spur Bag is built to stand up to accidental contact with sharp gaffs.

Dimensions: 24" long x 9" wide x 11" tall (center of bag). Made in the USA.

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ArborMaster® Bigfoot by Samson

1/2” x 120’
1/2” x 150’
1/2” x 200’
By the Foot

6,500 lb. average strength - Weighs 7.7 lb. per 100’ - 16 Strand - Spliceable

Click here for more info or to order spliced rope

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Predator Rope by Samson

11.4mm x 120'
11.4mm x 150'
11.4mm x 200'
By the Foot
11.4mm x 600' Reel

6,000 lb. breaking strength - Weighs 6.7 lb. per 100’ - Double-Braid - Spliceable

Click here for more info or to order spliced eyes

Camouflaged double-braid climbing line at 11.4mm size from the Strongest Name in Rope!

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Yale XTC Poseidon Climbing Line

1/2” x 120’
1/2” x 150’
1/2” x 200’
By the Foot

6,200 lb. average breaking strength - Weighs 7.5 lb. per 100’ - 16 strand - Spliceable

Click here for more info or to order spliced rope

Video Overview by Niceguydave.

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Chinook Rec Lanyard

25’ Chinook Lanyard
30’ Chinook Lanyard
35’ Chinook Lanyard

Many climbers are discovering the benefits of carrying an extra-long lanyard with them as they ascend. The length of the lanyard lets it be used like a second climbing line, and can be switched to when the main climbing line needs to be advanced. The extra length in a positioning lanyard opens up possibilities for working the canopy, and when you don't need the full length, store the excess in the lanyard pouch or Climb Bucket.

Lanyard comes with RIT prusik, SMC micro pulley, and 2 x Rock Exotica oval carabiners.

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ErgoLite Spartan


Modeled after Buckingham's popular Ergovation saddle, the Spartan is a modified Ergolite constructed out of heavy-duty materials and features a fully-adjustable waist, legs and suspension bridge. This lightweight saddle weighs in at only 5.3 lbs and features a comfortable, breathable waist belt and leg loops, lightweight aluminum work-positioning D rings, a second set of D rings that allow the bridge to articulate, quick-adjust strapping, 6 large accessory loops, an easily-replaceable bridge, and front buckle closure that allows for easier on/off while wearing spikes. Fully-adjustable waist, legs and bridge.

Sizes: Small 28”-32”, Medium 32”-36”, Large 36”-40”, Extra-Large 40”-44”

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Tree Guard Entry Kit

Tree Guard Non-Invasive, Dynamic Cabling

Tree Guard is a high-performing, non-invasive, dynamic cabling solution to protect your cutsomer's trees. We import Tree Guard from Germany, and have found it to be reliable, easy-to-install, and a great system.

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