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Sterling Rope Products for Arboriculture

Sterling Rope is one of the most trusted names in rope and access hardware for rescue and recreational climbing. Now Sterling has created great ropes and tools for the Arborist world that put their expertise in designing ropes to work for us in the world of tree care. From great static lines to versatile hitch cords and webbing products, Sterling creates high-performance gear for professional climbers.

All Sterling Rope products are made in the U.S.A.

Sterling Aztek Elite System
Sterling Aztek Elite System

The Sterling Aztek Elite System combines Rock Exotica swivel-blocks with Sterling ropes and prusiks to create a progress-capturing mechanical advantage system perfect for tree work and rescue kits.

Shop Aztek Elite

Sterling ATS Descender
Sterling ATS Descender

The Sterling ATS Descender is an exceptional descent tool which incorporates the function of figure 8, tube, and plate into one durable descender.

Shop for Sterling ATS Descender

Sterling Positioning Lanyards
Sterling Positioning Lanyards

Here you will find the awesome Sterling Ultimate Positioning Lanyard as well as WesSpur fliplines made from cut-resistant Sterling TriTech rope.

Shop for Sterling Positioning Lanyards

Sterling Climbing Line
Sterling Climbing Line

Sterling climbing lines are some of the best canopy-access lines available. Checkout HTP Static or WorkPro for a great SRT line, and TriTech for making cut-resistant rope products.

Shop for Sterling Climbing Line

Sterling Rigging Line
Sterling Rigging Line

Sterling Rigging Atlas is a great tree rigging line. High-performance, with excellent energy-absorbing qualities and great hand.

Shop for Sterling Rigging Line

Sterling Prusik Cord
Sterling Prusiks & Cord

Sterling Rope's RIT cord (Right in Trees) has been gaining popularity since we first brought it on. RIT cord mas a great hand and performs well across a wide range of ropes, and is heat-resistant and durable.

Shop for Sterling Prusik Cord

Sterling Webbing
Sterling Webbing Products

Sterling's Tech Tape webbing is superior nylon webbing with top strength and construction. Purchase bulk webbing or sewn webbing products.

Shop for Sterling Webbing

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