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Rayco Stump Cutter Teeth

Still the best deal on Super Teeth for your stump grinder! The Super Tooth is the premier stump-cutting tooth from Rayco Manufacturing. The Super Tooth incorporates a mounting block, neck and strike point into one massive carbide-tipped cutting tool. It has extra mass to eliminate bending, twisting, and breaking which cause machine shut down and high maintenance costs. It also increases cutter wheel thrust, balance and inertia for improved machine performance. The Super Tooth's low profile design provides extra clearance for the mounting block to pass through the stump without obstructing its strike point or dragging against the stump. Because the strike point is unobstructed, the Super Tooth's carbide tip is in full contact with the material to be removed. It cuts cleanly through the stump, providing full utilization of the machine's horsepower for cutting and discharging chips.

Last Chance for Free Shipping* on Super Teeth over $99!

Due to the acquisition of Rayco by Morbark, we are unable to continue selling Rayco products after our current stock is gone.

*During checkout, select "the UPS Ground free shipping option" to set the shipping to 0. We will actually ship via USPS Priority Mail for faster delivery. Free shipping in the U.S. only.

Measure the Length of the Barrel, Only

Bolts for Rayco Stump Cutter Teeth

1 1/2" Bolt
1 3/4" Bolt
2 1/4" Bolt

All Rayco products are being discontinued. Limited to stock on hand.

Measure the length of the barrel only, when measuring bolt length.

Rayco Tooth Guage

Rayco Tooth Gauge


All Rayco products are being discontinued. Limited to stock on hand.

Rayco tooth depth-setting gauge assists you in setting your pocket-style teeth correctly. See your owner's manual for instructions on setting the teeth on your particular stump grinder.

Rayco Tooth Allen Wrench

Rayco Allen Wrench


All Rayco products are being discontinued. Limited to stock on hand.

Long-handled, 1/2” allen wrench for tightening Rayco stump grinder teeth bolts.

Carbide Tool Grinding Wheels

greenwheel grinding wheels

Pearl Green Silicone Carbide Bench Grinding Wheels

6" / C80 Grit
8" Wheel / C120 Grit

Standard 6" & 8” green wheels for sharpening carbide tips on stump grinder teeth. Pearl brand bench grinding wheels are designed for use on work benches or floor standing machines. Wheels are not affected by water, oils or acids. Each wheel is balanced and ring tested. One size wheel can fit several different machines using the included bushing set. Use Green Silicon Carbide bench grinding wheels for fast burr free grinding of tungsten carbide tipped tools, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

6” Wheel x 3/4” x 1” - C80 Grit - MAX RPM: 4,140

8” Wheel x 1” x 1” C120 Grit - MAX RPM: 3,600

Warning! Carbide dust is harmful if inhaled. A respirator must be worn while using the Green wheel.

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