Loopie Sling (Yalex)

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Many professionals prefer a Loopie for setting an arborist block in the tree. Loopies adjust to size by pulling the tail through bury, then girth-hitch the sling around the tree. Can be used for blocks, friction devices, etc.

These adjustable slings are made from tough, 12-strand Yalex hollow-braid ropes. This rope construction is strong, durable, and provides great grip on the trunk.

Made by our in-house splicing company, Iron Street Rope Splicing.


Loopie slings are listed with their maximum pull-to length. They can be adjusted anywhere up to their max length.


  • 3/8” 10:1 WLL: 594 lb. choked
  • 1/2” 10:1 WLL: 1,383 lb. choked
  • 5/8” 10:1 WLL: 1,881 lb. choked
  • 3/4” 10:1 WLL: 2,430 lb. choked
  • 1” 10:1 WLL: 4,405 lb. choked

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