Big Shot Line Launcher





The Big Shot Line Launcher is by far the easiest way to get your line into the tree. This innovative launcher works like a giant slingshot to shoot lines up to 100 feet.

Pick your approach and line up the Big Shot for powerful, accurate throw line installation. With practice, you will develop the accuracy to place shots up to 150". We've had customers tell us they used the Big Shot and saved hours they would have spent hand throwing. Especially useful when height and precision are needed.

The Big Shot has thick rubbers, a convenient pull, and the sling is simple to replace.

    Features & Benefits
  • Increased speed/productivity
  • Accurate
  • Reduces fatigue from multiple throws
  • Easy to operate
  • All parts replaceable
    Safety Tips
  • Firing pouch and elastic straps must be turned AWAY from the operator
  • Only use this product with approved fiberglass poles
  • Always wear proper safety equipment, including helmet and eye protection
  • Always evaluate target zone for unexpected hazards
  • If people or valuable property are in the target zone, DO NOT FIRE until they are relocated a safe distance away
  • Before firing, provide a loud, audible warn(more...)

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8/18/2023 10:37 am

More distance

by Vance -

Looks like a luxury item, but it's a necessity.

10/16/2023 4:43 pm

This saves me SO much time and makes shots I never could

by John

I am terrible at hand throwing even with practice. This tool is the only way I can place most of my climbing and rigging lines. I use it every job. It works as well now as when purchased in 2017.