DMM Arborist Gear

DMM produces many of the most popular tree care used today. DMM's manufacturing process and quality control are second to none. Your business can rely upon DMM gear for the the best quality, design, and manufacturing possible. DMM gear is made in Wales.

90 Products

Director Swivel Boss Locksafe D
AmericanO Locksafe ANSI
Phantom Screw-Lock
Revolver Wire Gate
Vault Lockgate
Vault Wiregate
Micro Vault
Mega Vault by Dam
8mm Prusik with 34mm DMM Ring
6mm Prusik with DMM Thimble
Small Dmm Retrieval Cone
Large Dmm Retrieval Cone
26mm DMM Anchor Ring
28mm DMM Anchor Ring
34mm DMM Anchor Ring
40mm DMM Anchor Ring
Captain Hook by Dmm (hook only)
Captain Hook Kit by Dmm
Axis Swivel - Small