SMC Gear for Tree Care

WesSpur is lucky to have one of the best manufacturers of gear for work at height right in our back yard. SMC began in 1967 as Seattle Manufacturing Company, and continues making top-quality carabiners, pulleys, and other hardware in Ferndale, WA. SMC is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, and builds every piece of gear to the highest standards to last a lifetime of use.

SMC products are built in the U.S.A.

38 Products

SMC Grip
Descent Control 8
Long J-Rack
SMC Mountaineering 8
Micro U-Rack

Special order. Ships in 1-2 weeks

SMC Steel Triguard
SMC ANSI Safety Lock
SMC Steel D XL Screw-Lock
SMC Lite Stainless Screw-Lock
SMC Crossover Screw-Lock
Kinetic Screw-Lock
SMC Oval
SMC Mountain D
Lite Alloy Twist-Lock
Kinetic Twist-Lock
Jake Twist-Lock
28mm SMC Aluminum Ring
40mm SMC Aluminum Ring
SM Aluminum Ring
SMC Ring (grey)
Advance Tech HX Kit
'CR' Micro Pulley
SMC JR Pulley