Yale Cordage Arborist Division

Yale Cordage brings innovative rope technologies to bear in building unique tree climbing and rigging ropes. Yale climbing ropes are some of our most popular, with high-quality braiding, innovative design, and smooth performance. Yale has made their mark in the field of tree rigging, with they high-energy absorption of Polydyne. Aside from their excellent climbing and rigging ropes, Yale is respected for the Maxi-Flip fliplines which are simply the best Wire-core fliplines available today.

Yale climbing and rigging ropes, prusiks, and fliplines are all made in the U.S.A.

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Polydyne 19mm (3/4") Rigging Rope

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$292.00 to $415.00
Yalex 10mm (3/8")
Yalex 13mm (1/2")
Yalex 16mm (5/8")
Yalex 19mm (3/4")
Yalex 25mm (1")
Yale Wire Basket Fid
Yale Compact Splicer Kit