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Amsteel Blue Cable-Replacing Rope

Looking for an easy to work with, high-strength alternative to steel cable for your winch line? Try AmSteel-Blue and see why professionals use it for their winches.

Samson AmSteel-Blue is an incredible high-strength rope made to replace steel cable in winches. AmSteel-Blue offers impressive strength but is so lightweight it will float in water. This incredible strength to weight ratio comes from AmSteel-Blue's 12 strand Dyneema SK-75 fiber construction. Amsteel is easy to splice with a class 2 12 strand splice; you can quickly splice it right in the field.

AmSteel-Blue features superior resistance to flex, fatigue, and wear. AmSteel-Blue is most commonly used by arborists and tree care companies as a winch line for the winch on the company chipper or truck. The high strength of AmSteel-Blue makes it the best choice when entire trees need to be lifted or redirected. AmSteel-Blue is available in additional sizes are available by special order.

Please note that AmSteel-Blue behaves differently than normal rope and maintains the most strength when used with a spliced termination. Tied knots may severely reduce the breaking strength of AmSteel-Blue.

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