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Akimbo by Rock Exotica

Akimbo Mechanical Friction Hitch Akimbo from Rock Exotica Akimbo Mechanical Friction Hitch Akimbo Mechanical Friction Hitch Akimbo Mechanical Friction Hitch Akimbo Mechanical Friction Hitch Akimbo Mechanical Friction Hitch Akimbo Mechanical Friction Hitch
Akimbo by Rock Exotica image Akimbo from Rock Exotica

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The Akimbo is a unique arborist climbing tool that enables the climber to ascend, descend and position on both stationary rope and moving rope systems.

The Akimbo features rope contact surfaces (Upper and Lower Bollards) that adjust to accommodate a wide range of rope sizes to suit the climber's needs or preferences�all without tools or disassembling components. The Bollards can also be adjusted to increase or decrease friction to accommodate changes in climber weight, changes in environment, or adjust for natural wear of the Akimbo's contact surfaces.

The Akimbo opens easily to remove or install a rope mid-line in seconds, and compresses back down into a compact form factor both on and off the rope. When climbing on stationary rope, the chest harness connection point facilitates quick connections by way of an innovative wire gate. As opposed to a closed loop attachment, the wire gate conveniently allows the climber to use a small non-PPE carabiner to connect to the SRS attachment point, or directly to a loop of cord.

See the list of approved ropes for best performance!

  • Rope Sizes*: 11.5mm - 13mm
  • WLL (Working Load Limit)*: 100 kg or 130 kg (220 lb or 286 lb)
  • Suitable for both SRS and MRS climbing methods
  • Install/remove rope mid-line, without detaching from harness
  • Adjust friction easily without tools
  • Quickly connect/disconnect cord or small carabiner to wire-gate SRS chest attachment
  • Ascend, descend & work the canopy without changing equipment
  • Lghtweight and compact (weight: 9.2oz (261 gm))
  • Accepts wide range of rope sizes* (See list of approved ropes)
  • *Rope selection will determine working load limit of the Akimbo. Only use ropes approved by Rock Exotica. See list of approved ropes below, or consult the Akimbo user instructions.

Approved Ropes for the Akimbo

Rock Exotica has approved certain ropes for use with the Akimbo at the Working Load Limit (WLL) shown below. Only approved ropes should be used with the Akimbo. Remember, the WLL includes the climber and all of their gear. Total Working Load of the climber must not exceed the Working Load Limit for the rope listed below or slippage may occur!

Environmental factors, the condition of rope, and the condition of Akimbo can all affect the suitability of rope used with the Akimbo. Refer to Akimbo User Instructions to test rope and verify friction settings before climbing. Rock Exotica will update the list of approved ropes - check or Rock Exotica's site frequently.

WLL: 100 kg (220 lb)

Do Not Exceed this weight on the ropes listed below!

WLL: 130 kg (286 lb)

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Excellent Review by: Lorax

“1. This is for experienced climbers only
2. I�ve heard from lots of climbers that they hate this because it�s hard to adjust. It is easy to adjust and I climb 95% on HTP. If you constantly run different lines then this is not for you unless you document your settings. Easy to adjust.
3. "I hate the chest tender!" I love the chest tender reverse gate clip. It takes a hot second to get used to it. I didn�t change my ascent posture at all and had no problem. AND when you want to release, you sit back and release and kill one extra step. Sexy.
4. Best vertical tending device I�ve ever used.
5 I hear everyone complain that it won�t work with pitch on the line. My first 5 climbs were in live ponderosa pines. Pitchy. Sure I hit a few spots but I think it was 75% better than an eye and eye split tail. Not for everyone, but for me, it�s the best.
6. In those ponderosas, zig zagging through branches was hard and I was glad the device was so compact. The runner 2 is like 3 times longer and that would suck. ”

Rated: Disappointing Review by: Brian Keith

“I was very excited for the release. Got one as soon as I could. Used it probably 10 or 15 times on 3 or 4 recommended ropes. It was ok for the most part until I got into a few spruces. It can not handle any sap. The fight was on. Had to use my hand ascender to take all my weight off to get it to release than bomb down the tree to not jam up. I think I'll start using it for a lanyard just so knock the dust off it. ”

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