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Ascenders and Mechanical Prusiks

Ascenders make tree climbing easier and more efficient. Use a handled ascender to improve your grip, or a floating knee ascender to speed up the tree in a rope walker system.

Watch a video on the different hybrid work positioning systems available: Guide to Hybrid Tree Climbing Devices

Hand and Foot Ascenders Handled Ascenders

Single and double-handled ascenders, as well as chest ascenders..

picture of ascender sling foot stirrup Ascender Slings & Accessories

Foot straps and tethers for your asecenders.

foot ascender Foot and Knee Ascenders

Foot ascenders and floating knee ascenders.

Rope Grabs Rope Grabs

Rope grabs offer a quick means of progress capture.

Akimbo by Rock Exotica Akimbo by Rock Exotica

Customizable, precision climbing device from Rock Exotica.

RopeTek Hitch Hiker Hitch Hiker by RopeTek

Improves climbing in both stationary & moving rope systems.

Rope Wrench Rope Wrench by ISC

Enables climbing SRT on a prusik with speed and efficiency.

Singing Tree Rope Runner Original Rope Runner Parts

Single rope ascent and descent device for 11-13mmm 24-strand ropes.

pic of Rope Runner Pro sold at WesSpurRope Runner Pro

Ascent and descent device for MRS and SRS for 11-13mm ropes.

Lockjack Ascender SpiderJack 3 & Lockjack

SpiderJack 3, 2.1, and LockJack climbing devices.

Unicender Unicender by Rock Exotica

Smooth, controlled climbing in stationary and moving rope systems.

Wraptor Wraptor by Ropetek

Powered ascender for quick and easy entry into the tree.

Petzl Zigzag Zigzag by Petzl

Complete replacement for your prusik and slack tending pulley.

Petzl Zigzag Plus Zigzag Plus by Petzl

Complete replacement for your prusik, slack tending pulley, and swivel.

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