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 Unicender Mechanical Friction Hitch  Unicender by Rock Exotica  Unicender comes with Manual  Unicender by Rock Exotica The Uni in Use by James Luce
Unicender image Unicender

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The Unicender can replace friction hitches, figure 8s, and ascenders! In the doubled rope technique, the Unicender can be used as a mechanical split tail in place of a friction hitch. Because of the ease with which it advances in this configuration, it makes any rope climbing technique easier and faster. In the single rope technique, the Unicender takes the place of both ascenders and descender.

When descending, the Unicender can be used in either the “squeeze to go” configuration like a friction hitch or the “squeeze to stop” configuration like a figure 8. This incredible device works by snaking the rope through the device where smooth wear surfaces apply friction to the line. The Unicender advances easily and gives utmost control over the decent. The Unicender can be used with either 7/16” or 1/2” diameter line without changing any parts, can be easily installed midline.

Morgan Thompson invented the Unicender in 2005. It quickly became very popular for the unprecedented level of control and smoothness of ascent and descent it allows. Rock Exotica took over manufacturing the Unicender which has allowed us to offer this incredible mechanical friction hitch at a fraction of its former cost.

  • Smooth friction
  • Ultimate control
  • Ascend & descend
  • Effortless advancement
Manufacturer : Rock Exotica
Made in : USA
Min Rope Size : 7/16” (11mm)
Max Rope Size : 1/2” (13mm)
Weighs : 10.9 oz (308 g)

Manufacturer Instructions for the Unicender

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Excellent Review by: Very Good Tree Service

“The Unicender is bad ass. It's so easy to switch between SRT and Ddrt with no extra gear or problems. I do agree with Baby Gorilla's review that it needs to have a stainless steel option for the wear issue. ”

Rated: OK Review by: Baby Gorilla

“ I love the Unicender The ability to install it midline and switch seamlessly from Ddrt to SRT is unfathomably amazing but there is one major drawback to it being made out of aluminum, which is that it wears out quick, especially if you are heavy (210 pounds suited up) like me. Mine wore out in less than one season. After it wears, it starts creeping, which is not safe. You must retire or repair it which will cost more than half the brand new Unicender Such a great product, but I'll have to keep using my way less convenient stainless steel mechanical knot instead. I wouldn't care if the Unicender weighed 2 pounds, if it was stainless and therefore more reliable. ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Leaning Trees Tree Services

“ I love the uni. Best piece ever. I love wesspur.”

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