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Edelrid Rope and Line Storage Bags

Edelrid knows rope, and rope protection. There are many rope bags available to protect your climbing lines and throw lines, but these Edelrid bags are unlike any other available today. Edelrid knows the value of keeping gear clean, organized, and easily accessible, and it shows in their rope bags.

Beaker by Edelrid

9 l

Unique reversible design tool pouch! The beaker has pockets and gear loops which can either be inner gear organization or exterior, based on which way you orient the central pannel. This bag is made from tough materials and secures with a magnetic closure to keep your tools in place in the tree.

Cask Rope Bag, by Edelrid

28 l
55 l

Robust rope bag with hard-wearing construction for high durability. Rigid design makes it easy to flake your rope in. The smaller cask (28 l) can fit inside the 55 l Cask for easy transport.

Falter Throw Line Cube by Edelrid

Falter Throw Line Cube by Edelrid


Throw line cubes are the best solution for storing and deploying your throw line. The Falter takes the concept of the line cube to the next level. Like all throwline cubes, the Falter neatly contains your line and throw bags, but it is super-compact when folded - only under 8" x 5". When opened, the Falter measures 18.9” x 10” x 9.5” tall. This more rectangular shape gives a longer space for your throw line to lay out, reducing tangling. 2 inner pockets for storing throw bags, two loops for securing throw line.

Edelrid Falter overview by Niceguydave

Flask, by Edelrid

2 l

Small, easily accessible bag for storing small tools and valuables. Large opening with VCR fastener ensures quick access to the contents and can be secured with an additional push button.

  • 2l capacity
  • weighs 150g

Rope Pouch by Edelrid

5 l

Compact bag for stowing equipment, tools and ropes from up to about 49', depending on rope diameter. Zippered back and cinch top lets you open the rope pouch up pretty large for easy loading, and then zip and cinch it all down.

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