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Samson Ropes Books, Guides & Resources

Log Impact Force Calculator

Rigging Wheel

The Samson Log Impact Force Calculator (or "Rigging Wheel") is a handy tool for estimated peak loads on your Samson rigging lines in the field.

The Log Impact Force Calculator combines information from a Green Log Weight chart with the ratings for Samson Nystron or Stable Braid rope, and the length of lines in the system to help estimate peak force that will be applied in a negative-blocking situation. Operating the wheel is simple - on side A you use the wheel to find the mass for the piece of material being cut. On side B, the mass of the load found on side A is compared to a ratio of the legs of rope above and below the upper rigging block to get an estimate of the peak line tension the system will experience.

Samson Rope User's Manual

Samson Rope User's Manual


Samson's Rope User's manual is a great guide to rope selection, handling, inspection, and retirement in all industries. This guide will give you a thorough understanding of how ropes are designed, tested, and constructed, and cordage related terminology. If you really want to go deeper in your understanding of ropes and rope usage, this is a great guide. The rope inspection and retirement guidelines are especially helpful in evaluating your tree climbing and rigging lines.

56 pages, many color photos and diagrams.

Samson Splicing Manual

Samson Splicing Manual


This durable manual features user-friendly directions for the latest splicing techniques. A full-color Samson rope identification chart features 52 different ropes and their corresponding construction and class designation. This is one of the best splicing manuals available, and is the go-to for enthusiasts and pros alike. It has information on so many different types of splices that it benefits splicers in all fields: industrial, marine, arborist, equestrian, etc. 158 pages of 30 different splices grouped by 7 types of rope constructions. Laminated, fold-out cover.

159 pages, spiral bound, b&w illustrations.

Samson Rope App

Samson Rope App

The Samson rope app is a free download from the iTunes store containing rope inspection checklists, splicing instructions and videos, and a guide for evaluating internal and external abrasion to ropes.

Get the Samson Rope App.

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