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Tree Climbing Books

If you are looking for a book on the subject of tree climbing equipment, tree pruning, or trees in general, you should find one here. We have compiled a good selection of the best books on arborist work and tree climbing to help beginners and experienced climbers alike. The Tree Climbers companion is one of our best-sellers. It is a handy field guide that introduces arborist equipment, tree climbing techniques using ropes, ascenders, or spurs, and the basic how-to's of climbing a tree. The Fundamentals of General Tree Work is another best seller with lots of detail on felling large trees, spur climbing, and the practical side of lowering and removing heavy wood. We also carry ISA study guides for the Arborist Certification Exam, and the Tree Climber’s Guide.

The Tree Climber’s Companion, 2nd Ed.

$15.95 boo159

Bestselling pocket reference covers tree climbing techniques, equipment selection & use, and provides instruction on basic methods of entering the tree, working safely, and getting back down. A great guide for beginners who want to get started with the safest and most modern equipment and techniques, or old-timers looking to learn some new tricks. This guide is one of the best sources for learning about the equipment featured in this catalog. Great for use as a training manual for new recruits. Spanish language version also available. Softcover, 104 pages, B&W illustrations.

The Tree Climbers' Guide, 3rd Ed.


Written specifically for tree climbers, this publication can be used as a basic text for the tree climber, as well as a study guide for the ISA-Certified Tree Worker Program. This guide contains more than 200 color illustrations. Each chapter includes a list of important terms and concludes with a workbook section. This book was written from the perspective of what the climber needs to know in order to climb and perform aerial tree work safely.

Chapters include: Tree Health and Sciences, Safety, Ropes and Knots, Climbing, Pruning, Rigging, Removal, and Cabling. Appendices with answers to the workbook questions, a glossary, and additional references also are included. Spiral-bound, 172 pages, color illustrations.

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ISA Arborist Certification Guide

Arborists' Certification Study Guide 3rd Edition


A complete study guide developed for ISA Arborist Certification candidates. Chapters discuss significant arboriculutral topics with nearly 240 illustrations and photos. This guide provides a comprehensive reference for arborists of all levels. A helpful index, a glossary of arboriculutral terms, and a valuable list of additional resources ensure this study guide's unlimited usefulness as a foundation for all tree care professionals. Each chapter of the guide contains learning objectives, key terms for study, narrative with illustrations and photos, workbook section, challenge questions, sample exam questions, and suggested sources for supplementary information. Chapter topics include: Tree Biology, Tree Identification,Pruning, Tree Support and Protection Systems, Diagnosis and Plant Disorders, Tree Assessment and Risk Management, Climbing and Working in Trees, and more. Softcover, 222 pages, illustrations.

Wooden Hand SRT Booklet

Wooden Hand SRT Booklet


"Ten Arborists from around the world were asked to say something about SRT." The resulting texts were illustrated by Paul Poynier and hand bound in this unique booklet full of drawings, collage, and other art.

Contributions by Ben Rose, Charlie, Lawrence Schultz, Valentin Dresely, Sam Evan Turner, Marcus Undery, Eric Whipple, Taylor Hamel, Paul Poynier, and Kevin Bingham.

TCIA Best Practices for SRT

TCIA Best Practices for SRT


Combining technical knowledge and industry standards, this guide covers new equipment and techniques for incorporating single rope technique in arborist work. Spiral-bound, 110 pages.

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On Rope

On Rope


The guide to vertical rope work. Easy to read precise descriptions on use of ascenders, descenders, shunts, knots, and harnesses for arborists, cavers, search and rescue, fire fighters, mountaineers, window cleaners, rock climbers, military personnel - - anyone and everyone who needs to know all about rope and it's uses.
380 pages, hardcover, b&w illustrations.

On Rope

Recreational Tree Climbing: A Newcomer's Guide


60 page pamphlet on recreational tree climbing by author Dick Flowers. Covers the equipment, knots, and climbing techniques needed to climb trees for fun. Designed to give people who are thinking of starting to climb recreationally the info they need to have a safe, fun adventure in the tree tops.
60 pages, pamphlet, b&w illustrations.

Tree Climbing Educational Bundle #1

Tree Climbing Educational Bundle #1: Climbing


Get a leg up on your training and save money with these bundle deals on the best DVDs and books about tree work.

  • Tree Climber's Companion
  • Tree Climber's Guide
  • Working Climber DVD Series 1: Access & Movement Through the Tree
Tree Climbing Educational Bundle #3

Tree Climbing Educational Bundle #3: Mega-Bundle


This bundle combines both climbing topics and cutting & rigging topics for a full spectrum view of tree work.

  • Tree Climber's Companion
  • Tree Climber's Guide
  • Working Climber DVD Series 1: Access & Movement Through the Tree
  • Working Climber Series Two: Cutting and Rigging in the Tree
  • Working Climber Series Three, Part 1: Felling the Tree
  • Working Climber Series Three, Part 2: Limbing and Bucking the Tree
High Climbers and Timber Fallers

High Climbers and Timber Fallers


Jerry Beranek's book preserves the history of the hardworking folks who made the West what it is today, and chronicles the change from old growth logging to second growth management. Lots of these jobs are incredible and have to be seen to be believed. This book is packed with stories, photos, and history from the last 35 years. A great read, with many full-page (9”x12”) photos.
303 pages, hardcover, color photos.

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