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Wesco Jobmaster Work Boots

16” Jobmasters with 100 Vibram Sole Wesco Jobmaster Boots Wesco Jobmaster Boots Wesco Jobmaster Boots Wesco Jobmaster Boots Wesco Jobmaster Boots Triple stitched, full-grain leather construction
Wesco Jobmaster Work Boots image Wesco Jobmaster Work Boots

Buy Wesco Jobmaster Work Boots

Wesco® Jobmaster™ work boots are built with incredible quality in material & workmanship. From the full-grain leather construction to the 100 Vibram sole, you’ll not find a better work boot.

All Wesco boots ship directly from Wesco. Special order boots are built to order, subject to Wesco build times. March through May is a very busy time, and the Wesco plant is closed in December for the Holidays. Please plan for delays on special order and out of stock boots during those times.


A lot of important tree work happens on the ground, and the Jobmaster gives ground crews, landscapers, and laborers the serious protection and support they need. Featuring great Wesco construction, these boots that will take what you can throw at them. Available in regular (standard), lace-to- toe (pictured below, special order), or steel toe (special order.) These boots come standard with 100 Vibram heavy traction soles, heavy-duty stitching, brass eyelets, and are in our opinion the best constructed work boots in the world. Available in sizes 8 - 13 and stocked in D width. Additional sizes, widths, and steel-toe are available as special orders.

Wesco® Jobmaster™ is built for diehard professionals plying their skills in some of the most demanding jobs out there. Same goes for those who play rough in the great outdoors. Each pair is a remarkable combination of time-honored craftsmanship and industrial-strength materials. And, of course, every last detail has been thought through for durability, comfort, and safety. If you put in long hours on your feet, you'll definitely appreciate a pair of Jobmasters.

Standard Features:

  • Rolled-leather top facing
  • Solid brass studs and eyelets
  • Full-leather gusset
  • Full-leather counter pocket
  • Heavy stitching for extra strength
  • OrthoLite® Drilex Comfort Foam Slip-In Inserts
  • Full-leather vamp lined with leather
  • Hard toe
  • Sweat-resistant full-leather insole
  • Non-corrosive, ribbed, slightly arched steel shank(full-leather shank in Timber boot)
  • Full-leather midsole
  • Leather heel base
Manufacturer : Wesco
Made in : U.S.A.
Weight per Pair : About 5.5 lb

Safety & Technical Information

These tips for care of your Wesco boots are from the Wesco web site.

Breaking In:

If your new boots are a little snug at first, don’t worry. It takes time to break in that durable, full-grain leather - anywhere from two to four weeks. Although, we have heard some interesting methods for speeding up the process. Some folks take a stroll through a nearby creek, or fill their boots with warm water and hike a couple of miles. Others take a more gradual approach, wearing their new boots just a few hours a day. If you own a pair of Wescos with the Black Fire leather avoid using an alcohol and water mixture to break in your Wescos. Alcohol will strip away the properties of the fire- and water-resisting leather. You’ve made a significant investment in your new pair of boots. Proper care from the very beginning will help to ensure performance for years to come. Wesco’s tip for breaking in a new pair of boots: Wear Them.

Boot Care:

If you know what’s good for your boots you’ll keep them away from direct heat!Your Wescos are going to get wet, there’s just no getting around it. But they are special boots and you want to protect your investment. So this is what you do: Let them dry in their own due time. No blow dryers, wood stoves, ovens, microwaves, fireplaces - use nothing with a heating element to dry them. It ruins the leather and the rubber. So, there you have it, the right way to dry out your boots.

Mud is the enemy

When it comes to leather, mud is the enemy. In fact, if mud is left on boots for any length of time, it draws out all the natural oils and fat, robbing the leather of strength. The best advice is to clean boots promptly after getting into the mud and apply the appropriate boot dressing - this will keep the boot from losing its shape and wearing out sooner rather than later.

Boot washing

Never use detergent. Simply wash the inside of your boot with a combination of warm water and baking soda. Do not rinse them. To dry, stuff the boots with newspaper and lay them on their side. Allow them to dry naturally. It is best to leave a bit of moisture in the leather to keep it pliable. To finish, apply appropriate boot dressings.

Boot storage

To prepare your boots for storage, remove all mud from the outside and, if you want, wash the inside according to the instruction above. Apply Mink Oil and place boots in a cool, dry area.

Recommended boot dressings

Natural dressings - Bee Seal Plus, Bee Oil, and Mink Oil - are to be used on oil-tanned leathers. Use the Bee Oil as a primer and follow up with the Bee Seal Plus. This will make your boots water-resistant while serving as an excellent leather protection. We suggest you apply dressings once a month or as needed. Mink oil is to be used when storing boots. Wesco Silicone Protectant is a synthetic leather preservative used for water resistance on our fire- and water-resisting leather.

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Excellent Review by: Joshua Greenspan

“I am a hardworking arborist in Hawaii and have been using wesco jobmasters for 5 years now.They are, without a doubt the best work boots period! These shoes are strapped to my feet nearly every time i leave the house. They bring comfort to another level, are thoroughly supportive in all aspects of my work, handle daily abuse and look great. I am ordering my third pair and i cant see useing any other boot.”

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