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Buckingham Manufacturing Products for Tree Work

Take a look in the gear bag of any production tree climber, and chances are you will find a pair of Buckingham spurs. Buckingham has made steel climbers for over 100 years, and brings that manufacturing experience and skill to building a wide range of tree care supplies, from the famous Port-A-Wrap to the world's first truly ergonomic harness line: the Ergovation.

With the exception of the Buckingham International Line, all Buckingham products are made in the U.S.A.

Buckingham Friction Savers Buckingham Friction Savers

The most popular way to protect both your rope and the tree.

Buckingham Harnesses for tree climbing Buckingham Harnesses

Comfort, durability, and function - built in the USA.

Buckingham Spur Sets Buckingham Spur Sets

Steel and titanium climbers, and a wide range of pads.

Buckingham Spur Pads Buckingham Spur Pads

Over 100 years of spur-building know-how goes into these pads.

Buckingham Port-A-Wrap Buckingham Port-A-Wrap

The Port-A-Wrap is the industry-standard tool for lowering with control.

Buckingham Gear Bags Buckingham Gear Bags

Buckingham gear and rope storage bags are heavy-duty protection.

Buckingham Utility Products Buckingham Utility Products

Bucket truck covers, chainsaw scabbards, & more.

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