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Accessory and Non-Locking Carabiners

Non-locking carabiners have many uses in tree work, from hanging your saw on your harness to creating speedline slings. Non-locking carabiners are not approved for use in a climbing system.

Saw & Tool Holders

Go here if you're locking for the Caritool, Vault, TransPorter or other tool carrier.

Spirit Bent Gate Carabiner by Petzl


Petzl's iconic bent-gate non-locking carabiner. Standard size, with excellent weight-to-performance ratio. While this carabiner dominates in sport climbing, rock climbing, and canyoneering, it also makes a great non-locking carabiner for tree climbers.

SMC Oval

SMC Oval Carabiner


Brk Str : 4,496 lb (20 kN) • Height : 4.26” • Width : 2.21” • Weight : 2.2 oz • Gate : .71” (pin lock)

The SMC Oval was one of the first aluminum carabiners manufactured in the US during the 1960s. This classic traditional carabiner is highly versatile and functionally designed to withstand the test of time. A major benefit of using a true oval carabiner is that it is very difficult to load incorrectly. Made in the U.S.A.

XSRE Micro Carabiner

XSRE Micro Carabiner


Brk Str : 899 lb (4 kN) • Height : 2.25” • Width : 1.25” • Weight : .28 oz • Gate : .5” (key lock)

This tiny (and we mean tiny!) accessory carabiner from DMM is surprisingly strong thanks to its hot-forged I-Beam body. The key lock nose and regular gate mean less snagging vs a wire-gate carabiner. This tiny oval has tons of uses as an accessory biner. All of the strength and great design you've come to expect from DMM in a tiny package. Sold individually.

This carabiner is not rated for supporting a climber!

XSRE Screwgate Carabiner


Brk Str : 899 lb (4 kN) • Height : 2.25" (57mm) • Width : 1.38" (35mm) • Weight : .28 oz • Gate : .5” (key lock)

Screw-gate version of the popular XSRE carabiner. The perfect carabiner for tending devices or organizing gear when you want the extra step of a screw-lock gate. Not PPE.

XSRE Lock Captive Carabiner


This screwgate version of the XSRE carabiner has a removable captive bar to hold components securely and ensure correct lanyard orientation.

  • Weight: 12g
  • Dimensions: 34x61mm
  • MBS: 4kN
  • Gate Opening: 12mm
Micro Carabiner by US Rigging

Micro Carabiner by US Rigging


Brk Str : 899 lb (4 kN) • Height : 2.25” • Width : 1.25” • Weight : .28 oz • Gate : .5” (key lock)

These are lightweight, compact micro carabiners from US Rigging. Perfect for attaching SRS tethers and other accessory uses.

This carabiner is not rated for supporting a climber!

Petzl Rollclip Non-locking Pulley Carabiner

Rollclip A Non-locking Pulley Carabiner by Petzl


Brk Str : 4,496 lb (20 kN) • Height : 4.25” • Width : 2.5” • Weight : 3.7 oz • Gate : 1” (key lock)

Non-locking carabiner incorporates a high-efficiency pulley - ideal for redirects or haul systems.

DMM Revolver Double-Locking Carabiner

DMM Revolver Wire-Gate Carabiner


Brk Str : 5,400 lb (24 kN) • Height : 4” • Width : 2.25” • Weight : 2 oz • Gate : 1”

The Revolver is a popular carabiner with a built-in pulley to reduce rope drag by up to 40%. This is a great carabiner for redirects, rescue, and haul systems.

DMM PerfectO Straight Gate

DMM PerfectO Straight Gate


Brk Str : 5,395 lbf (24 kN) • Height : 3.75” (95mm) • Height : 2.2” (56mm) • Weight : 1.76 oz (50 g) • Gate : .75” (19mm) (key lock)

The PerfectO range uses a new extra short gate to make the profile as compact as possible, minimising eye-to-eye length whilst maintaining usability and easy one-handed use. The true oval shape provides effective centring of loads and the fully rounded rope bearing areas increase carabiner and rope longevity. Its keylock nose allows snag-free operation. The straight gate version is ideally suited for racking gear and the colour options help to quickly differentiate between equipment. Sold individually.

RockO Non-locking Carabiner

RockO Non-locking Carabiner


Brk Str : 4,945 lb (22 kN) • Height : 4.375” • Width : 2.5” • Weight : 2.36 oz • Gate : 1” (key lock)

The RockO is a very popular shape as the symmetrical oval helps keep connections aligned vertically. Non-locking gate.

RockX Carabiner


The rockX accessory carabiner is a compact and strong utility carabiner that�s easy to grip and useful in a multitude of situations requiring a strong but lightweight, non-PPE connector. The rockX is available in a light grey, orange and red frame.

2.25" x 1/45". 5 kN rating. Red, gray or orange. Made in the USA.

Accessory carabiner only - not for life-support!

RockX Screwgate Carabiner


Brk Str 5 kN (1,124 lb) | Screw Gate | Aluminum | 26.67mm (2.25") H x 57.22mm (1.4") W | Weight 12.7g (.45oz)

Screw-lock version of the tiny but strong RockX accessory carabiner. A big helper when you need the additional security of a locked gate.

Not for climbing!

Kong Micro Carabiner

Kong Micro Carabiner


Brk Str : 1,322 lb • Height : 3.25” • Width : 1.75” • Weight : 1 oz • Gate : .6” (key lock)

Micro carabiner is handy for attaching gear to your saddle or for use with a throw line and throw bag with loop on it in isolating crotches. Not rated for climbing!

Kong Steel Captive Eye Carabiner

Kong Steel Captive Eye Carabiner


Brk Str : 5,400 lb (24 kN) • Height : 4” • Width : 3.25” • Weight : 6 oz • Gate : 8” (key lock)

Very popular non-locking carabiner for use in speed lines.

Kong Paddle Carabiner

Kong Paddle Carabiner


Brk Str : 4,950 lb (22 kN) • Height : 4.75” • Width : 3” • Weight : 3 oz • Gate : 1.2” (pin lock)

Popular, large carabiner with a bent gate is ideal for holding saws on your saddle.

CAMP Nano Wire-Gate Carabiner

CAMP Nano Wire-Gate Carabiner


Brk Str : 4,496 lb (20 kN) • Height : 3.375” /9.5 cm • Height : 2"” / 5.1 cm • Weight : .8 oz 23 g • Gate : .82”/ 21mm (wire gate)

Super-light wire-gate carabiner with an impressive 20 kN strength and absolutely top-notch action. The spring on the gate mechanism is very good.

Slider Pure Carabiner by Edelrid

Slider Pure Carabiner by Edelrid


Brk Str : 5,170 lb (23 kN) • Height : 3.93” • Width : 2.28” • Weight : 1.48 oz (42 g) • Gate : .7” (key lock)

This handy accessory carabiner has a sliding lock to prevent accidental openings. Ideal for securing key equipment on your harness.

Micro 0 Carabiner by Edelrid

Micro 0 Carabiner by Edelrid


Super-tiny accessory clip for your harness, gear bag, or backpack. Not for climbing or rigging! 220 lb (100 kg) breaking load. Assorted colors.

Micro 3 Carabiner by Edelrid

Micro 3 Carabiner by Edelrid


The Micro 3 is a big brother to the Micro 0, but still a super-compact accessory clip ideal for attaching gear to belt, harness, backpack, etc. Not suited for climbing or rigging! 882 lb (400 kg) breaking load. Colors may vary.

Grivel Vlad Carabiner

Grivel Vlad Carabiner


Innovative combination of a rigging plate and a carabineer. One piece of gear that is lighter, less expensive and closer to the belay point.

  • Weight: 90 grams, 3.2 ounces
  • Strength: 27kN
  • CE and UIAA Certified
Super Tech Bent-gate Carabiner by Mad Rock

Super Tech Bent-gate Carabiner by Mad Rock


Brk Str : 5,395 lb (24 kN) • Height : 3.74” • Width : 2.18” • Weight : 1.34 oz (38 g) • Gate : .9” (key lock)

Compact, bent-gate accessory carabiner from Mad Rock.

Ultra Light Wire Bent-gate Carabiner by Mad Rock

Ultra Light Wire Bent-gate Carabiner by Mad Rock


Brk Str : 5,620 lb (25 kN) • Height : 3.62” • Width : 2.12” • Weight : 1.12 oz (32 g) • Gate : .86” (wire gate)

Lightweight, strong, high-quality wire-gate accessory carabiner from Mad Rock. Great for loading up your harness with gear while keeping weight down.

Climb Right Paddle Carabiner

Climb Right Paddle Carabiner


Brk Str : 5,175 lb (23 kN) • Height : 4.75” • Width : 3” • Weight : 3 oz • Gate : 1.25” (key lock)

Large, paddle carabiner with bent gate is a popular choice for hanging a saw on the saddle.

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