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Carabiner Accessories

Carabiners have a thousand and one uses for the professional tree climber. Here you'll find daisy chains, nylon runners, sling keepers, and other accessories to help you get the most out of your tree climbing gear..

DMM Wallis

DMM Wallis


The Wallis is a polymer corner trap that reduces the possibility of any cross loading scenarios between a webbing sling and a carabiner. Quick and simple to install yet invaluable in maintaining safer configurations.

Petzl Captiv

Petzl Captiv


This nylon connector positioning bar from Petzl can be added to your Petzl Am'D or Rollclip carabiners to help keep them loaded along the major axis of the carabiner. The Captiv is easy to attach, and helps ensure all of your climbing components stay loaded and positioned correctly.

Petzl Tanga

Petzl Tanga


The TANGA positioning ring helps hold connectors in the correct position.

Small Carabiner Corner Traps

Carabiner Corner Traps


Stainless steel wire corner traps snug over your carabiner to ensure that your rope stays in the proper position and prevent the carabiner from slipping into a position where it might be side-loaded.

Small fits SMC Standard Aluminum Series and Lite Steel carabiners.

Large fits all SMC CrossOver, Extra Large, Large Aluminum Series and Large Steel carabiners.

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Fast Rubber Sling Keeper

Fast Rubber Sling Keeper


Universal size rubber keeper keeps your climb line or sling where you want them on your carabiner. When using, do not stretch over hardware such as a thimble.

Daisy Chains

Daisy Chains


Durable nylon webbing with heavy-duty stitching to form multiple attachment loops. Great for racking your gear or for use as an adjustable tether for SRT climbing. Sold individually.

Nylon Loop Runners & Colors

1” Nylon Runners (webbing slings)

$6.60 - $15.25 SLI901M

Lightweight Nylon Runner Slings from 1” tubular webbing - MBS 23 kN (5,170 lb). Endless uses in tree work. Length is measured when loop is laid flat.

Colors may vary.

Spectra Loop Runners

.5” Spectra Runners (light-duty loop slings )- MBS 4,950 lb

$9 - $29 sli909m

With a 4,950 lb. break strength, these spectra runners are lightweight and strong, and have dozens of uses for all climbers. Used for light duty applications where dynamic loads are not possible, making custom ascender slings, quick draws, and redirects. Color may vary.

Chain Reactor

Chain Reactor


The replacement for the traditional sewn daisy chains. It's perfect for repositioning, using as a foot stirrup, or for use in anchor systems.

1” Flat Nylon Slings

48” / 4’
72” / 6’
96” / 8’
120” / 10’

1” flat nylon slings are sewn from high-strength woven nylon to produce a loop sling that is compact and lightweight while being nearly twice the strength of a tubular nylon runner. These flat slings make excellent anchor straps.

MBS: 10,116 lb (45kN)

Adjustable Gear Sling

High Density Roller


High density plastic roller is used on with the Petzl William carabiner to create an almost frictionless attachment point on the Versatile or Deluxe Versatile saddle. Carabiner clips through roller and then rolls along bridge.

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