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Tree Climbing Clips, Quick Links, Swivels

This page is full of clips, links, shackles, and swivels for the many different specialty connections a tree climber needs to make. We stock twisted clevises and locking twisted clevises which can be used to attach a mechanical flipline adjuster to your saddle, swivel shackles which can be used to let the connecting hardware turn freely, and a variety of links, snaps, and quick links which are ideal for attaching tools, bags, and other gear. The shackles and links on this page are intended for static loading only and not for shock loading.

CAMP Fifi Aluminum Hook

Fifi Aluminum Hook


Lightweight, small-profile aluminum hook. Borrowed from rock climbing, this hook is finding use as a connector for tending your hybrid system.

Anodized aluminum, weighs 14g / .5 oz. Colors may vary.

Swivel Snap

Swivel Snap

Small - 3”
Medium - 3.5”
Large - 4.5”

Brass plated swivel snaps are available in three sizes. Great for a variety of uses, including attaching saw lanyards, tool bags, and use in split tail systems. Light duty only.

Quickie by Singing Tree

Quickie by Singing Tree


The Quickie is a locking steel connection developed by Kevin Bingham, the inventor of the Rope Wrench. The Quickie is super-compact, and can be used for many applications where a quick, locking connector is needed. Excellent for use on a basal anchor.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When using the Quickie in a cinched configuration make sure the slic pin is facing away from the tree or object being girthed around. The Quickie pin is not compatible with other Singing Tree devices.

Major Axis: 30kN, Minor Axis: 15kN, Length: 2.25", Width (no slic pin): 1.5", New Slic Pin Length: 2.5", Sideplate Width: .875

Maillon Rapide Oval Quick Link

Maillon Rapide Oval Quick Link

1/4” - 4,400 lb Tensile
5/16” - 7,700 lb Tensile
3/8” - 9,900 lb Tensile
1/2” - 16,500 lb Tensile

High-quality, galvanized steel quick link made from 1/4" stock, with a manufacturer WLL of 880 lb. Made in France.

Quick Link

Stainless Steel Quick Links

1/4” - 7,000 lb Tensile
5/16” - 12,000 lb Tensile
3/8” - 16,000 lb Tensile

Strengths listed above are tensile strengths. WLL for 1/4" is 1,200 lb WLL for 5/16" is 1,760 lb WLL for 3/8" is 2,700 lb 1/4" link has a 5/16" opening; 5/16" link has a 3/8" opening; 3/8" link has a 1/2" opening.

Quick links have lots of uses, from attaching ascender slings to making your own custom set ups.

Delta Link

Stainless Steel Delta Links

3/16” - 990 lb WLL
1/4” - 1,430 lb WLL
5/16” - 2,420 lb WLL
3/8” - 3,960 lb WLL

Strengths listed are Working Load Limits and are calculated at 20% of breaking strength. 1/4" link has a 5/16" opening; 5/16" link has a 3/8" opening; 3/8" link has a 1/2" opening.

Zinc-Plated Delta Quick Links

Maillon Rapide Zinc-Plated Delta Links

1/4” - 2,750 lb Tensile
5/16” - 7,000 lb Tensile
3/8” - 7,700 lb Tensile

Strengths listed are tensile strengths. 1/4" link has a 5/16" opening; 5/16" link has a 3/8" opening; 3/8" link has a 1/2" opening. Made in France.

CT Twist Steel Quick Link

CT Twist Steel Quick Link


Galvanized steel quick link with oval shape, twisted 90 degrees. The particular twisted shape allow operation at right angles.

Quick Link

Stainless Steel Pear Quick Links

3/8” - 9,250 lb Tensile

Stainless steel pear shackles from Maillon Rapide. Made in France.

3/8” - 13/16” opening - 1,850 lb WLL.

Quick Link

Galvanized Steel Pear Links

5/16” - 5,280 lb Tensile
3/8” - 6,600 lb Tensile

Galvanized steel pear shackles from Maillon Rapide. Made in France.

5/16” - 3/4” opening - 1,058 WLL.

3/8” - 13/16” opening - 1,320 lb WLL.

Swivel Clevis

Swivel Clevis

5/16” - 5,000 lb Tensile
1/2” - 12,000 lb Tensile

Strengths listed are tensile strengths.

Two sizes of swivel shackles are available. This can be used in applications where the load should turn freely.

Marlow Soft Shackle

Marlow Soft Shackle


Soft Shackle provides a flexible, strong, durable link for attaching rigging tools. Made from high-strength Dyneema.

8mm (5/16”): MBS 12,900 lb.

10mm (3/8”): MBS 15,500 lb.

Video overview by Niceguydave.

Shackle Pulley

Shackle Pulley


Stainless steel shackle with built-in pulley turning on a bushing.

Features: 2 1/2” x 1 5/8” , weighs 2.5 oz., 8,000 lb. max. breaking strength, 1/2” capacity.

US-made Galvanized Shackle

US-made Galvanized Steel Shackle by Crosby

3/4" Crosby Shackle
7/8" Crosby Shackle

CM galvanized steel shackle. CE certified. Made in the USA.

  • 3/4” bar stock. 9,500 lb WLL.
  • 7/8” bar stock. 13,000 lb WLL.
Crosby Rigging Rings

Crosby Rigging Rings

7/8” x 5 1/2”
1 1/8” x 6”

High-quality US steel rigging rings. See our crane slings with ring.

CMI Arborist Slic Pin Shackle

CMI Arborist Slic Pin Shackle


CMI's 5/8" arborist shackles is machined to accept a custom built slic pin which cannot be lost at height. Zinc-plated to prevent rust, with a working load limit of 3 1/4 ton (6,500 lb).

Swivel Clevis

Stainless Steel Shackles

5/16” - 6,900 lb Tensile
1/2” - 15,000 lb Tensile
5/8” - 28,000 lb Tensile
3/4” - 40,000 lb Tensile

Strengths listed are tensile strengths.

Stainless steel shackles are available in four sizes and secure with a screw pin.

Galvanized Steel Shackles

Galvanized Steel Shackles

1/2” - 16,000 lb Tensile
5/8” - 26,000 lb Tensile
3/4” - 38,000 ob Tensile

Strengths listed are tensile strengths.

Galvanized steel shackles with a screw pin.

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