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Rock Exotica Swivels

Rock Exotica's swivels are top-quality hardware built for maximum strength and efficiency while remaining compact. You'll find swivels as small as the Nano Swivel all the way up to the Omni-Block swivel pulleys (Omni-Block available here).

Rock Exotica Nanoswivel

Rock Exotica NanoSwivel


The most incredibly compact swivel we've seen, the Rock Exotica NanoSwivel has a small upper eye and a lower eye just large enough to slip a carabiner into. (Careful, will not work with some larger-stock carabiners.) The NanoSwivel has the same high-strength stainless steel axle and sealed ball bearings as the larger Rock swivels and is rated for climbing (23 kN/5,175 lb) but weighs only 2oz. If you are looking for a smooth way to incorporate a swivel into your climbing setup, the NanoSwivel is for you.

Breaking Strength: 5,175 lb (23 kN) • WLL 674 lb (5 kN) • Weighs 2 oz

Rock Exotica swivel image

Rock Exotica Large Eye Swivel


High-strength stainless steel axles and sealed ball bearings for reliable, smooth operation. Eliminates twisting in rope systems. Large eye.

Breaking Strength: 8,100 lb (36 kN) • WLL 1,124 lb (5 kN) • Weighs 4.5 oz

SwivaEye Auto-Lock Carabiner Name

SwivaEye Auto-Lock Carabiner


Brk Str : 6,750 lb (30 kN) • Height : 5.4” • Width : 2.3” • Weight : 4.85 oz • Gate : .85” (key lock)

SwivaEye is a compact Double-Locking carabiner on a swivel eye to eliminate twisting lines. Perfect for your connection to your climbing line.

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