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WesSpur Professional's MRS Kit

Deluxe Rope Kit Customize this kit by phone or at checkout!
Professional's MRS Kit image

WesSpur Professional's MRS Kit

Buy Professional's MRS Kit

Kit w/ Sequoia Harness - SZ 1
Kit w/ Sequoia Harness - SZ 2

Kit w/ Spartan Harness - SM
Kit w/ Spartan Harness - LG
Kit w/ Spartan Harness - XL

Kit w/ BuckCraft Harness - SM
Kit w/ BuckCraft Harness - MD
Kit w/ BuckCraft Harness - LG
Kit w/ BuckCraft Harness - XL
Buckingham (BuckCraft, Spartan) waist size: SM: 28”-32” MD: 32”-36” LG: 36”-40” XL: 40”-44”
Petzl (Sequoia) waist size: Size 1: 28”-36” Size 2: 32”-47”

We built this kit for the beginning professional who is going to be spending lots of hours in their kit and is able to invest in more fully-featured gear.

The biggest upgrade in this kit is the choice of three top working harnesses. These professional, modern climbing harnesses will reward your investment with more support, mobility, and comfort in the tree.

Upgraded MRS climbing system with the versatile HyperClimb rope with a hand-spliced eye. Phlotich pulley is the heart of an improved MRS system with better efficiency and performance. Spur climber pads are upgraded to the robust and comfortable Big Buck pads. These double-wide pad provide excellent support for long days, with a steel insert to keep the spur shank from biting. The Maxi-Flip is the best wire-core flipline available, with Flemish splice in the wire core for maximum durability.

The Professional’s kit is ready to go to work with you day-one, and will provide outstanding performance over time.

    Your kit will contain:
  • Your choice of harness:
    • Sequoia (SAD203)
    • or BuckCraft (SAD143)
  • HyperClimb Cool 150’ with hand-spliced tight eye (HY15ST)
  • ISC Phlotich pulley (PUL160)
  • Bail Out XL eye-to-eye prusik 9mm x 30" (CLI369)
  • RockO carabiner x 2 (CAR136)
  • CAMP Herbol friction saver 90cm (CLI270)
  • Zing-It blue throw line 1.75mm x 180’ (THR101-B)
  • Cordura throw weight w/loop 10 oz (THR233)
  • Cordura throw weight w/loop 12 oz (THR234)
  • Throw line cube (BAG113)
  • Rock Exotica Pirate Carabiner (CAR134)
  • SMC CR micro pulley (PUL124)
  • Hawkeye flipline 1/2" x 12" (FLI265)
  • Bail Out eye-to-eye prusik 9mm x 28" (CLI369-S)
  • Canvas gear bag (BAG203)
  • Medium red rope bag, fits 200’ of 1/2" line (BAG102)
  • Tree Climber’s Companion (BOO101)

Upgradeable! We can upgrade or substitute like items for any kit component, and adjust your kit cost. Call us or request changes in the 'comments' field at checkout.

KIT24, KIT24‑V, KIT24‑S, KIT24‑P

Kit Video (older version)

More Information

  • The option of the Buckingham Ergolite Spartan tree harness is available exclusively at WesSpur
  • Buckingham Ergolite Spartan harness features individual, padded leg loops and improved rope bridge for high mobility
  • Buckingham Ergolite Spartan harness is highly-padded and Drilex-lined to wick sweat away while working
  • Buckingham BuckCraft is an excellent rope-bridge work saddle from Buckingham
  • Petzl's Sequoia is a top of the line tree harness for those who prefer a more streamlined design that doesn't sacrifice comfort
  • Quick-connect buckles reduce the time needed to gear up
  • Flipline (16-strand Rope) with carabiner and Petzl Rockgrab 90 is a lightweight, adjustable flipline for an additional tie-in while climbing and working
  • Rock Exotica Pirate carabiners are precision-manufactured carabiners
  • Kit can be used to ascend and descend in a Moving Rope System
  • Throw line kit provides an easy way to install the rope in the tree
  • The included Tree Climber’s Companion is richly illustrated and explains tree terms, knots, and safe climbing practices using the equipment in this kit


Safety and Technical Information

  • All harness options are intended for work positioning and not intended for use as fall-arrest harnesses
  • The Rock Exotica carabiners included are double-locking and have a breaking strength of 6,075 lb. (27kN)
  • Regular inspection of all equipment should be performed by a trained professional
  • Adherence to the ANSI Z133.1 2006 safety requirements for Arboricultural Operations is highly recommended

Additional Recommendations:

This kit contains all the Deluxe equipment necessary to climb a tree without spurs, and can be built on with some of the upgrades below for additional climbing techniques. If you are climbing a tree to remove it, one of our complete climber kits may work better for you.
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