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WesSpur Premium Ropewalker Kit

Premium Ropewalker Kit image

Premium Ropewalker Kit

Buy Premium Ropewalker Kit

w/ treeMOTION PRO MD Harness
treeMOTION Pro MD fits 31”- 41” waist

Kit supplied with medium harness by default. Other sizes may be substituted.

This Premium kit gives you a high-quality, streamlined set of gear that lets you climb in either a moving rope or stationary rope system with the Rope Wrench. The SRS setup includes a foot ascender, knee ascender, and Rope Wrench with Chest Box - this lets you climb with a super efficient ropewalker system that will speed you into the tree. The new drenaLINE rope is built for SRS with minimal stretch and maximum performance. Combine that with the treeMotion harness, and you have a premium set of climbing gear for ascending and working the tree.

Also included are Petzl throw line/weights, an Edelrid cambium saver, and a Petzl Transport rope bag for to keep your gear organized and ready for quick deployment. This kit is premium equipment for professional users who want a full range of options.


Your Kit Will Contain:

  • treeMotion Harness
  • Chest Box
  • Rope Wrench w/ Prusik
  • Split Leg Tether
  • Phlotich Pulley
  • 2 x RockO Carabiner
  • 3’ Cambium Saver
  • 200’ drenaLINE w/Tight Eye
  • 2 x XSRE Carabiners
  • 12’ Blaze Flipline
  • 30" Epicord Prusik
  • Pirate Carabiner
  • Floating Knee Ascender
  • Turbo Foot Ascender
  • Airline Throw Line
  • 10 & 12 oz Jet Bags
  • Eclipse Line Storage
  • Transport Rope Bag
  • Tree Climber’s Companion


Additional Recommendations:

This kit contains all the Premium equipment necessary to climb a tree without spurs, and can be built on with some of the upgrades below for additional climbing techniques. If you are climbing a tree to remove it, one of our spur climbing kits may work better for you.

Safety and Technical Information

  • The harness options are intended for work positioning and not intended for use as fall-arrest harnesses
  • Velocity rope has a breaking strength of 6,000 lb. and meets the safety requirements for climbing line
  • The Rock Exotica carabiners included are double-locking and have a breaking strength of 6,075 lb. (27kN)
  • Regular inspection of all equipment should be performed by a trained professional
  • Adherence to the ANSI Z133.1 2006 safety requirements for Arboricultural Operations is highly recommended

Customer Reviews

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Review by: Scott F.

“Absolutely love my Pro Rope Walking Kit from WesSpur! Has everything you need and is easily upgradeable. The customer service staff that I dealt with are top tier people whom I now call friends! WesSpur Tree Equipment is my now my go to arborist supplier!!!”

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