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Complete Rope Climbing Kits

Get started climbing in a Moving Rope System with the best starter kits available! Our rope climbing kits set you up with harness, throw line kit climbing rope and tools for climbing in a Moving Rope System. (The Premium Kit can be set up for climbing SRS as well.) You also get a positioning lanyards system, gear and rope storage bags, and great guide book. The tree gear in our kits has been carefully selected and tested to work well together. Get started climbing with confidence knowing you have what you need, and expand it as you learn.

Kit Savings: Our kits offer great value. We have worked with some of the best manufacturers to get great prices on top-quality gear, and we pass these savings on to you. If you want to customize your kit, we are happy to swap out any items and you keep the savings. Call our customer service specialists and they will be happy to help you build your perfect starter package.

WesSpur's Beginner's MRS Kit

Buckingham (Split-suspension) SM: 28”-32” MD: 32”-36” LG: 36”-40” XL: 40”-44”

WesSpur�s MRS beginners� kit is a complete selection of gear to begin climbing and working using a Moving Rope System. We put this kit together with good quality gear that is still affordable. There is more comfortable and fully-featured gear out there, but this is a solid starting package at an unbeatable price for the quality. You can get started making money (or climbing for fun) and upgrade your climbing kit as you develop your personal skills and tastes.

Your kit will contain:

  • Buckingham split suspension wide-back saddle (SAD102)
  • Arbor-Plex climb line 1/2" x 150� (AP1215)
  • Bail Out XL eye-to-eye prusik 9mm x 30" (CLI369)
  • RockO carabiner x 2 (CAR136)
  • Marlow throw line 2mm x 164� (THR112)
  • Cordura throw weight w/loop 10 oz (THR233)
  • Cordura throw weight w/loop 12 oz (THR234)
  • WesSpur Line Mug (BAG110)
  • SMC CR micro pulley x 2 (PUL124)
  • Rock Exotica Pirate Carabiner (CAR134)
  • Hawkeye flipline 1/2" x 12' (FLI265)
  • Bail Out XL eye-to-eye prusik 9mm x 28" (CLI369-S)
  • Canvas gear bag (BAG203)
  • Tree Climber�s Companion (BOO101)

Video Overview by Niceguydave and WesSpur 2018 Climbing Kit Update.

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WesSpur's Professionals MRS Kit

$879 - $935 kit24m
Buckingham (Split-suspension, BuckCraft, Spartan) SM: 28”-32” MD: 32”-36” LG: 36”-40” XL: 40”-44”
Petzl (Sequoia) Size 0: 25" - 31" Size 1: 28" - 36" Size 2: 32" - 47"

We built this kit for the beginning professional who is going to be spending lots of hours in their kit and is able to invest in more fully-featured gear. The biggest upgrade in this kit is the choice of three top working harnesses. The BuckCraft is a more comfortable, though still rugged and lean harness. The Spartan and Sequoia are professional, modern climbing harnesses that will reward your investment with more support, mobility, and comfort in the tree. Your MRS climbing system is upgraded with HyperClimb rope with a hand-spliced eye. The Phlotich pulley is the heart of an improved MRS system with better efficiency and performance.

The Professional�s kit is ready to go to work with you day-one, and will provide outstanding performance over time.

Your kit will contain:

  • Your choice of harness:
    • Sequoia (SAD203)
    • or BuckCraft (sad143)
  • HyperClimb Cool 150� with hand-spliced tight eye (HY15ST)
  • ISC Phlotich pulley (PUL160)
  • Bail Out XL eye-to-eye prusik 9mm x 30" (CLI369)
  • RockO carabiner x 2 (CAR136)
  • CAMP Herbol friction saver 90cm (CLI270)
  • Zing-It blue throw line 1.75mm x 180� (THR101-B)
  • Cordura throw weight w/loop 10 oz (THR233)
  • Cordura throw weight w/loop 12 oz (THR234)
  • Throw line cube (BAG113)
  • Rock Exotica Pirate Carabiner (CAR134)
  • SMC CR micro pulley (PUL124)
  • Hawkeye flipline 1/2" x 12" (FLI265)
  • Bail Out eye-to-eye prusik 9mm x 28" (CLI369-S)
  • Canvas gear bag (BAG203)
  • Medium red rope bag, fits 200� of 1/2" line (BAG102)
  • Tree Climber�s Companion (BOO101)

WesSpur's Premium Ropewalker Kit

w/ treeMOTION Pro MD Harness
treeMOTION Pro MD fits 31”- 41” waist

Kit supplied with medium harness by default. Other sizes may be substituted.

This Premium kit gives you a high-quality, streamlined set of gear that lets you climb in either a moving rope or stationary rope system with the Rope Wrench. The SRS setup includes a foot ascender, knee ascender, and Rope Wrench with Chest Box - this lets you climb with a super efficient ropewalker system that will speed you into the tree. The new drenaLINE rope is built for SRS with minimal stretch and maximum performance. Combine that with the treeMotion harness, and you have a premium set of climbing gear for ascending and working the tree.

Also included are Petzl throw line/weights, an Edelrid cambium saver, and a Petzl Transport rope bag for to keep your gear organized and ready for quick deployment. This kit is premium equipment for professional users who want a full range of options.

Click here for the contents of the Premium Ropewalker Kit

ACRT Arborist Training Kit

Small Harness
Medium Harness
Large Harness
XL Harness

This kit is for the ACRT Arborist Training Program. Select your harness size above. Kits are supplied with Large gloves by default - you may request a differnet size in the 'comments' box at checkout.

    Your kit will contain:
  • BuckkCraft Harness (SAD143)
  • Latex-Palm Gloves (CLO614)
  • Boas 'Smoke' Safety Glasses (SAF301S)
  • Petzl Vertex Helmet, Black (SAF130-BK)
  • Leather Cambium Saver (CLI217)
  • 120' XTC Poseidon Climbing Rope (PS12)
  • CMI Micro Pulley (PUL101)
  • RockO Auto Lock Carabiners x 2 (CAR136)
  • 9mm x 30" Bail-Out XL Prusik (CLI369)
  • 15' Tritech Cut-resistant Flipline (FLI262)
  • Pirate Auo Lock Carabiner (CAR136)
  • SMC Micro Pulley (PUL124)
  • 8mm x 28" Bail-Out Prusik (CLI333-s)
  • 330mm (13") Ichiban Hand Saw (SAW132)
  • Large Canvas Gear Bag (BAG203)
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