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DMM Products for Arboriculture

DMM produces many of the most popular devices used by tree climbers today. The popular Pinto and Hitch Climber Pulleys are used throughout the tree care world, and DMM carabiners, blocks, and other hardware are among the best in the business. DMM's manufacturing process and quality control are second to none; you know when you use a DMM product that your business is relying upon the best quality, design, and manufacturing possible.

DMM products are made in Wales, with great care and precision. Check out this DMM Factory Tour if you want to know more about how this gear is made.

DMM Bags DMM Bags

Heavy-duty vinyl bags designed for professional use.

DMM Carabiners DMM Carabiners

DMM Carabiners are trusted by arborists around the world.

DMM Impact Block DMM Impact Block

DMM currently has 2 sizes of the Impact block for rigging.

DMM Pulleys DMM Pulleys

The DMM Hitch Climber pulley is the best hitch pulley we've found.

DMM Rigging Plates and Hardware DMM Rigging Plates and Hardware

DMM's rigging hubs, swivels, and thimbles.

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