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Work-positioning Lanyards

Work-positioning lanyards are a critical part of your tree-climbing gear. A flipline is a special type of lanyard made from braided arborist rope over steel wire cable. This makes it more rigid and easier to flip up the tree - especially on larger stems. Lanyards without a wire-core are lighter and ideal for line clearance workers to avoid the conductivity of steel wire. Extra-long lanyards can also be used as a short MRS climbing system in the canopy. See our Video Guide to Lanyards or Contact Us for help selecting.

Climb Right Wire-Core Flipline Lanyards Climb Right Wire-Core Fliplines

Quality wire-core fliplines from Climb Right, with double-crimped terminations & ANSI-approved locking steel swivel snaps. Kits available.

Maxi-Flip Wire-Core fliplines by Yale Maxi-Flip Wire-Core Fliplines

The highest-quality flipline we sell. Maxi-Flips have Free Flex Flemish eye splices for the safest possible end termination. Kits available.

Microflip Wire-Core fliplines by Petzl Microflip Wire-Core Fliplines

Petzl's steel cable-reinforced flipline with the new Micrograb pre-installed, and eye for use with your favorite auto-locking carabiner.

Work-Positioning Lanyards Work-Positioning Lanyards

Ideal for work-positioning in the canopy, spur climbing when a conductive flipline can't be used, or when a lighter lanyard is wanted. Kits available.

2-in-1 Fliplines & Lanyards 2-in-1 Fliplines & Lanyards

2-in-1 fliplines used with a prusik or 2-way adjuster allow the tree climber to use both ends of the flipline to climb past branches while remaining secured.

Mechanical Flipline Adjusters Rope Grabs / Flipline Adjusters

Rope grabs offer reliable, consistent adjustment for fliplines & lanyards.

pic of Adjuster Kits for Fliplines & Lanyards sold at WesSpurAdjuster Kits for Fliplines & Lanyards

Recommended flipline adjuster and double-locking carabiner combos for your tree climbing fliplines.

Click here to view the Hip Prusiks Hip Prusiks

Hip prusiks allow adjustment of fliplines or lanyards. Combined with a micro-pulley, they can be used for one-handed adjustment, even under tension.

Lanyard Management Lanyard Management

Clips, keepers, and pouches for managing lanyards on your harness.

Work-Positioning Lanyards Work-Positioning Lanyard Kits with Adjusters

Non-wire-core lanyard kits with Positioner, Grip, and other adjusters.

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