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Rope Wrench ZK-2

 Rope Wrench ZK-2  Rope Wrench wih tether, prusik, carabiner and HitchClimber (sold separately)ISC Rope Wrench ZK-2 Colors  Rope Wrench ZK-2 compared to Original Rope Wrench ZK-1  Rope Wrench ZK-2  Quick release pin for quick intstallation of the Rope Wrench ZK-2  Stiff Tether the Rope Wrench ZK-2  Split Tether the Rope Wrench ZK-2  Lawton Tether Lawton Tether Set up on Ropewrench
Rope Wrench ZK-2 image

Rope Wrench ZK-2

Buy a Rope Wrench ZK-2

Red w/ 12" Tether

Rope Wrench Add-Ons

7.5" Lawton Tether
12” Stiff Tether
12” Double-Leg Tether
Replacement Screw
Phlotich Pulley - Red

Rope Wrench Parts

Slic Pin

The Rope Wrench ZK-2 friction device allows climbers to ascend, descend and work the tree "Single Rope" with their favorite friction hitch. While the Rope Wrench ZK-2 is not for use as your life support device, it places a bend in your climbing line and takes just enough pressure off your hitch, allowing you to climbing on your friction hitch SRT with greater ease.


The Rope Wrench ZK-2 has added a pulley to the body of the Rope Wrench, which allows for easier advancement of the device when climbing. The Rope Wrench puts just enough of a bend in your line that you can easily switch from ascending on your hitch to descending on your friction hitch as you would if climbing doubled rope. A few fingers pressure on the top of your climbing hitch and you can descend easily, with the Rope Wrench following.

The strength of the Rope Wrench for arborist work comes in how easily it allows you to enter the tree with a foot ascender or by footlocking for the long climb, then switch to working the tree as if you were using Doubled Rope but without having to switch out more gear than your foot ascender.

Previous versions of the Rope Wrench had an optional quick-release pin. This now comes standard on the Rope Wrench ZK-2.

Rope Wrench ZK-2 Instructions.

Rope Wrench ZK-1 Demo Video

Rope Wrench ZK-1 Installation Video

  • Unhindered ascents
  • Smoothly controlled descents
  • Rapid ascent
  • Effortless advancement
Manufacturer : ISC
Made in : Wales
Min Rope Size : 3/8” (10mm)
Max Rope Size : 9/16” (14mm)
Material : Aluminum
Dimensions : 4" x 2" x 1.5" (102 x 51 x 38mm)
Weighs : 4.5 oz (127 g)


Advantages of the Rope Wrench

The SRT Advantage: Climbing SRT has many advantages. It allows the climber to ascend at a 1:1 rate of speed. For every foot they pull on the rope they ascend one foot. This is different from the conventional DdRT (double rope technique) configuration of 2:1. In DdRT the climber must pull two feet of rope to advance one foot.

The Wrench Advantage: Using a Rope Wrench has advantages over many other SRT systems as well. Climbing with mechanical ascenders allows one to rapidly ascend the rope but the climber must perform a changeover to descend. The Rope Wrench dissipates friction and heat away from the climbers friction hitch allowing the climber to descend.

The Rope Wrench is essentially a descent device that has a neutral gear that allows it to ascend the rope as well. Because of this neutral gear, it is imperative that the Rope Wrench be used with a sturdy and trusted friction hitch.

Configuring the Rope Wrench

There are many ways to configure the Rope Wrench properly, but the climber must be secured to both hitch and Rope Wrench. Any hitch that works safely in DdRT should work with a Rope Wrench. The Rope Wrench is the "limb that goes with you". It provides the same service to your climbing hitch that the tree limb or cambium saver provides in DdRT

Friction Adjustment: The ZK-1 allows the tree climber to adjust the amount of friction they prefer by sliding the bottom friction bolt up or down before locking it into place. The ability to adjust the friction is very important as it allows a climber to fine tune the Wrench to their climbing line and hitch combination.

Tether Selection: The tether of the rope wrench should be installed in a manner that gives the friction hitch enough room to function properly but short enough to not be sloppy in the climbers system.

Rope Wrench ZK-2 for Use by Trained Climbers

The Rope Wrench ZK-2 is recommended for tree climbers who have a working knowledge of Single Rope Technique. This means you have received qualified training and have practical experience climbing SRT.

Rope Wrench Instruction Sheet from ISC

Rope Wrench ZK-2 Instructions.

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