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Petzl Pirana Descender

Petzl Pirana Pirana Installed on Rope
Petzl Pirana Descender image Petzl Pirana Descender

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Small - 7/16”

Petzl's Pirana descender is one of the most popular figure eight style devices for arborists. The multiple horns on the Pirana offer a variety of braking options with varying degrees of friction. The Pirana can be installed on the rope without removing it from the harness, and thanks to the grommeted connection point, it stays in place on the carabiner to reduce risks associated with poor positioning. The Pirana helps prevent the formation of a lark's head hitch around the body and reduces rope twisting, without decreasing braking friction.

The Pirana will only accept carabiners with a diameter of 12mm. (Such as the Petzl Am'D).

  • 3 different braking positions
  • 2 additional spurs for friction variation
  • Tight fit with carabiner creates 'rigid' carabiner/descender unit
  • Reduces risk of leverage on carabiner gate from bad positioning
  • Individually tested
  • 3-year Manufacturer Guarantee
Manufacturer : Petzl
Made in : France
Pirana Min Rope Diameter : 9mm
Pirana Max Rope Diameter : 1/2” / 13mm
Material : Hot forged aluminum
Dimensions : 4 9/16" x 3" x 3/8quot;
Weight : 90 grams / 3.2 oz.
  • Important Safety Information: When the device is not fully loaded, it is possible for other elements of the user's system (e.g. rope, Croll, etc.) to be positioned in such a way as to push on the safety catch and open the side plate. Always take care to prevent elements of your system and other objects from coming into contact with the safety catch.

Petzl Technical Notices for Pirana

ANSI Z133-2017

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released the ANSI Z133 safety requirements which apply to arboricultural operations.

The Petzl Pirana is ANSI compliant.

The full ANSI Z133 safety requirements are available on our tree care standards page.

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