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The LongCarry is a super tool for carrying firewood, brush, tools - whatever! Made from heavy-duty industrial vinyl with reinforced handles. A great tool to have on hand - takes up virtually no space and is there when you need it.


Ideal for moving dirty, awkward, rough items such as firewood and brush. Industrial fabric is strong, completely waterproof and its smooth surface doesn't collect dirt/bark/grime/snow.

Using this "fabric tool" keeps your clothes clean and requires no balancing act to help you move heavy/oversized objects with ease. Built with reliable, reinforced handle design used on all EQPD bags that makes them easy to grab, and ensures the handles will never rip off the body.

    Features & Technical Specs:
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Dimensions: 18" wide x 48" long
  • Optional double-thickness reinforced leather handle
  • Comes in one size that carries average/large size firewood and all the construction projects you can build.
  • Materials: 18oz. Industrial Vinyl Fabric, Nylon Thread, HDPE plastic, YKK Metal Hardware and optional Oil-Tanned Leather
  • Made in Twisp, WA

*Don't be surprised if your LongCarry is "pre-scratched", has slight color inconsistencies, or wrinkles. Industrial fabrics have lower cosmetic requirements than consumer fabrics and because of that we often end up with yardage that is perfectly functional, but not aesthetic enough for our handbags. We use this fabric for our LongCarry as to not waste functional yardage and we back it up with a lifetime guarantee.

LongCarry is the perfect haul-all

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