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SAKA (Self Advancing Knee Ascender)

SAKA  - Self-Advancing Knee Ascender SAKA  - Self-Advancing Knee Ascender SAKA  Foot Loop Replacement
SAKA  image




SAKA Replacement Parts

Foot Loop

The SAKA is the most efficient, functional, and versatile knee ascender available. Use it straight from the package or customize it to fit your needs.

The SAKA uses uses a great ascender with progressive tooth pattern and a rope friendly spring. Will work on common Arborist Climbing Rope sizes, from 9mm to 13mm.

  • Super-stretch bungee with Dyneema cover & solid rubber core improves performance and wear-resistance
  • Non-load-bearing doubled bungee stiff tether for quick rebound and easy bungee replacement
  • The load-bearing tether is adjustable to meet any reasonable stride or climbing conditions
  • Elastic 'sock' on the tether stows away excess bungee cord
  • Easily stored; so compact it can be carried in a pocket!
  • Adjustable foot loop
  • Band on top stitch for better connection
  • Velcro on on both sides of housing tether - keeps ascender oriented
  • Use with or without bungee guide
  • Weighs only 10oz!

Lose the foot loop for your SAKA knee ascender? Been too rough on it? Don't worry, we've got you covered. The foot loop for the SAKA is easily replaceable, whatever the reason.

  • Part of a rapid ascending system
  • 2' of super stretch bungee, solid rubber core and Dyneema cover for strength and wear resistance
  • 2-5 pound pull.  (3 pounds at 18 inches of pull)
  • 2' of 5/8" webbing adjustable for any reasonable stride or size of climber 
  • Simple to adjust  
  • An elastic 'sock' on the tether stows away excess bungee
  • Load bearing buckle designed and built just for the SAKA
  • Compact for easy storage when not in use 
  • Uses the original SAKA ascender with progressive tooth pattern and rope friendly spring.  
  • Comes with two small, 4kN rated carabiners and one 22 kN carabiner
  • Works for climbers of all sizes, no need to choose between length or foot attachment 
  • Free Bungee replacement is available (if somehow yours is broken or destroyed) 
SAKA  Diagram SAKA  Diagram

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