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Tango Light Tree Climbing Boots

Drayer Tango Light Tree Climbing Boots Drayer Tango Light Tree Climbing Boots Drayer Tango Light Tree Climbing Boots Drayer Tango Light Tree Climbing Boots Drayer Tango Light Tree Climbing Boots Drayer Tango Light Tree Climbing Boots
Tango Light Tree Climbing Boots image

Tango Light Tree Climbing Boots

Tango Light Boots - -

The Tango is loaded with features which make it the perfect shoe for long days in the treetops.

The Tango is a tough, flexible climbing shoe with a true leather upper and a high rubber rand around the entire shoe. There is an extra-high rubber section on the inside ankle of each boot to add protection for both the climber and the boot upper when using a foot ascender. A small hook on the back of the Tango keeps foot ascender straps from riding up over and onto the ankle. This is the only eyelet on the boot, though - the laces have no hooks or eyelets to break or get in the way when footlocking or stepping into tight crotches.

A polyurethane footbed supports the foot ergonomically and fights fatigue at the same time as it protects the foot. The anti-slip, 100% rubber sole provides excellent grip while footlocking, and also protects the cambium of the tree while still providing sure footing. Boots do not feature a water-proof membrane.

Available in whole sizes from 8 - 12. Weighs about 2.7 lb per pair.

  • Reinforced for comfortable use of a foot ascender
  • Rubber rand around entire shoe for added durability
  • Anti-Slip Davos® sole provides flexible, firm footing and is easy on the cambium
  • Excellent protection and grip while footlocking
  • Ergonomic polyurethane footboard reduces fatigue and protects the sole
Manufacturer : Drayer
Made in : Germany
Available Sizes : 8-13 (D width)
Weight : Aprox 2.7 lb. per pair (size 10)

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Excellent Review by: Holden

“ I've had these boots for almost 2 seasons now. These boots are super rad! They hold up to very well, super grippy. To comment on the spur problem, I also ran into the same issue. The heel isnt tall enough to keep the spur in place whoch at first can be super uncomfortable as well as a tad sketchy. Now from my understanding they are designed specifically for pruning whoch hopefully means NO SPURS! BUT! What i did to remedy the problem was run the strap on the spurs around the back of the shoe, under the spur, and then across the shoe into the buckle on the spurs. This pulls the bottom of the spur into the heel and makes a pretty snug fit! Its actually nice to have some flex with my feet now when,I do removals. Camt waot to order my next pair even though the new beefier tangos look super enticing I may stick with the lights since they are my first love.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: JB HOLDWAY

“ The Tango is a moderately priced boot designed specifically for tree climbing. It resembles a 'rock-boot' modified and improved for tree work. The size I received did run true-to-size. However, it was too snug across the 'ball' of the foot. Perhaps, after some 'break-in' it will become more comfortable. It is definitely NOT a hiking boot. It appears to be very well made from good materials and light weight. The strings were a bit too short to permit tying a 'Better-Bow'. The design functioned well with the foot ascender - especially the hook at the rear. Although the hook was a little too small to fully capture my 'chicken-strap' on the knee ascender. While the sole seems stiff enough to use with gaffs, the heal is way too small to keep the gaff stable. Initially, it seems to be a great buy that promises to work well for in-tree work. ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Ryan Murphy

“I have already tried a plethora of other approach style boots from Scarpa and Evolv and these boots have become my hands down favourite for an all around tree climbing boot. The exaggerated instep rand combined with the rear hook make for a perfect interface with your preferred foot ascender. No more chaffed achilles tendon. They have the perfect amount of support to allow sensitivity for delicate limb walks but also resist compression when stepping in tight crotches. For those who still do, these work superbly with the traditional footlock technique. They seem like they should hold up to many days of work and will be the boots I put on for my next competition. It's the first 'work' boot I've had that demonstrates that level of performance. I'm happy. The only thing I'd like to see is some level of inbuilt waterproofing.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: ML

“Buy them you won't be sorry. They are true to size, and comfy from day one. The more I use them the stickier the soles get. Great boots! One tip just incase....if you find your foot ascender biting your ankle you just need to shorten the sole strap on said ascender. You want it to rest right on the rubber padding, when it's there you can't even tell your ascending.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Justin Grabosky

“Extremely comfortable climbing boots, zero break in period for me which is a first. These boots excel at foot locking and using a foot ascender because of the hooks built into the boot and the construction of the boots. Would recommend to anyone looking for a lightweight climbing boot that doesn't break the bank.”

Rated: Employee Review Review by: Niceguydave

“We now carry a new boot from Drayer, the Tango Light climbing boot. This boot was designed with input from climbers and made specifically for spurless tree climbing. They feature all-leather construction, with full rubber caps on the toe and heel and a large rubber pad to protect the inside of the foot from the foot ascender. There are no exposed eyelets to break or snag. The back of the heel has one eyelet to prevent the strap from a foot ascender from riding up over the Achilles. The rubber sole is a sticky rubber compound that frictions and smears very well on tree bark.

I have been using mine for several weeks now and I am really liking the performance in the canopy. The Tango Lights are flexible enough to have some dexterity while moving about, yet still rigid enough to wedge in tight crotches. I really like how I don't feel any pressure from my foot ascender at all in these boots, and the friction capability helps a ton on branch walks. The price point is reasonable and the soles can be replaced by any cobbler who repairs rock climbing shoes. The only negative that I can come up with about these performance shoes is that they are not waterproof. On super rainy days I will still use my Oboz, but all other times this is what I am climbing with. High quality construction is evident throughout this great boot, and it is absolutely the most comfortable, high performance boot I have worn in the canopy.”

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