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Hybrid Ropewalker Kit

Hybrid Ropewalker Kit Hybrid Ropewalker Kit - Akimbo Hybrid Ropewalker Kit - Hitch Hiker Hybrid Ropewalker Kit - Roperunner Pro Hybrid Ropewalker Kit - Ropewrench Hybrid Ropewalker Kit - Unicender Hybrid Ropewalker Kit - Zigzag & Chicane
Hybrid Ropewalker Kitimage

Hybrid Ropewalker Kit

Buy Hybrid Ropewalker Kit

with Akimbo
with Hitch Hiker
with Roperunner PRO
with Rope Wrench
with Unicender
with Zigzag & Chicane

(This kit comes with the Hybrid device of your selection, not all six!)

These Hybrid Ropewalker kits take full advantage of the newest SRS climbing gear to get you in the canopy fast, with a built-in discount on the gear. This gives you the hardware to setup a ropewalker system that will let you ascend single line with speed and ease.


Safety & Technical

Recommended Ropes: Find the perfect climbing ropes to go with your kit here. The following ropes will work well with our Hybrid Ropewalker kits no matter which device you choose.

Understand the forces in SRS climbing. Climbing on a Stationary Rope System places 2 x the weight of the climber in force upon the primary suspension point. Check out our Introduction To SRS article from the WesSpur Catalog.

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