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Air-Spade 2000

Air-Spade 2000 Air-Spade 2000 Standard Arbor Kit Air-Spade 2000 in Action
Air-Spade image Air-Spade

Buy Air-Spade 2000 Only

MAC904 Special Order Item

Air-Spade 2000 Standard Arbor Kit

MAC905 Special Order Item

Standard Arbor Kit Contains: one AIR-SPADE® with a 150 cfm / 90 psi nozzle, 4 foot barrel, and ergonomic handle, 45 degree angled adapter, 10' comfort hose, and storage case with lock.

The Air-Spade is used to excavate soil without damaging underground root systems or utilities. Faster and less damaging than a pick and shovel, the Air-Spade uses compressed air to remove overlying soil with less effort and time.

Utilizing the power of compressed air, Air-Spade 2000 uncovers underground objects, utility lines, or even sensitive tree roots without harm. Featuring the high performance, patented supersonic nozzle, Air-Spade 2000 digs faster and more efficiently than competitive tools. Rugged, lightweight construction. Dead-man trigger ensures safe operation. Non-conductive, fiberglass barrel provides degree of protection from buried electrical lines. Compressed air requirements: 25 - 225 cfm @ 90 psi.

The Air-Spade 2000 has 150 cfm and 4' barrel.

The Air-Spade is available by itself or in the Standard Arbor Kit.

Standard Arbor Kit Contains

One AIR-SPADE® with a 150 cfm / 90 psi nozzle, 4 foot barrel, ergonomic handle, 45 degree angled adapter, 10' comfort hose, and storage case with lock.

MAC904 , MAC905

Air-Spade Video

Air-Spade in Action (Root Collar Excavation)

Air-Spade in Action (Demonstration)

  • Ergonomic, pistol-grip style handle with soft rubber grip
  • Comfortable, dead-man trigger
  • Air pressure gauge
  • Lightweight, fiberglass barrel with adjustable dirt shield
  • Extra-hardened, stainless steel supersonic nozzle
  • Inlet: Chicago style connector

Air-Vacuum Excavation Benefits:

  • Less worker fatigue
  • Lower injury rates than a pick or shovel
  • Much faster than hand-digging
  • Air does not damage buried utilities
  • Air breaks soil into small pieces - ideal for recompaction
  • Air-excavated soil is more easily vacuumed at lower levels of suction
  • Safer than high-pressure water jets
  • Air excavation does not create mud
  • Compressed air comes free
  • Water must be paid for and transported
Manufacturer : Guardair Corporation
Made in : U.S.A.

Always Call Before you Dig!


Supersonic Air-jet

The Air-Spade patented supersonic nozzle turns compressed air into a high speed, laser-like jet moving at twice the speed of sound, Mach 2. All of the energy and momentum of this air moving at approximately 1200 mph is focused onto the soil dislodging it in a fraction of a second. Soil is an unconsolidated assemblage of solid particles that may or may not contain organic matter, the voids between the particles being occupied by air and/or water. The aggregate nature of soil aids the ability of the air to fracture it; while stronger materials and ones that are not porous like metal or plastic pipes or cables or even wooden tree roots are unaffected.

Although exhaust nozzles for rocket engines have been designed and built for many years, supersonic air jet excavation nozzles are different. AIR-SPADE has carried out extensive research into the aerodynamic design of its earth excavation nozzles. Air-Spade has developed its own nozzle design, which is protected by U.S. patents. Unlike propulsion nozzles, the energy to accelerate the air comes primarily from the release of its compression rather than from the combustion of a fuel. Because of their small size, particular attention must be paid to the effect of the boundary layer on the nozzle profile. Special tooling and computer-aided- machining is used to manufacture the nozzles. AIR-SPADE continues to refine and improve its design through detailed mathematical modeling and laboratory experimentation.

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