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Advance Tech HX Pulley

SMC Advance Tech HX SMC Advance Tech HX SMC Advance Tech HX
Advance Tech HX Pulley image Advance Tech HX Pulley

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The Advance Tech HX is a double pulley with integrated cam that provides immediate progress capture without the need of prusik loops. Stainless pins retain the rope when a rigged system is packed so that system can be pulled out and used immediately. Manufactured from high-quality aluminum and anodized to help prevent corrosion. Ideal for all rescue applications where a small mechanical advantage system is being utilized. The most advanced pulley of its kind!

An aggressive cam located inside the side plates close to the pulley wheel means that cam action is immediate without loss of progress or energy which is apparent in prusik systems. Also exclusive to the Advance Tech HX is a spring-loaded cam that doesn't require separate pins or other gimmicks to operate safely. Simply pull the cam lever back with your thumb to set the cam in a parked position and another flip of your thumb will again engage the cam. That means resets in piggyback rigs are fast and easy.

Works with ropes from 7mm to 12.5mm (up to 1/2").

Be sure to review the included instructions (also available on the Safety & Technical tab below) for the SMC Advance Tech HX pulley. Your choices when rigging the Advance Tech HX will alter the overall strength of the system.

For the perfect companion pulley in mechanical advantage systems, see the Advance Tech Mate.



SMC Advance Tech HX Break Test Video

SMC Advance Mate Break Test Video

  • Integrated cam
  • 1/2” capacity
  • High efficiency
  • Precision manufactured
  • Aluminum sheave
  • Ball bearing
Made in:USA
Break Strength:7,650 lb
WLL:765 lb
Max Rope Size:1/2” (12.7mm)
Weighs:9.52 oz (270 g)
Height:5” (12.7 cm)
Width:2.75” (7 cm)

SMC Manual for Advance Tech HX

Details use and loading of the Advance Tech HX pulley and how different rigging configurations alter the strength of the system. Read this first!

Download the manual here: SMC Advance Tech HX Manual

Aluminum Care and Maintenance

Download data sheet for care and usage of aluminum products: SMC Aluminum Care and Maintenance

ANSI Z133-2017

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released the ANSI Z133 safety requirements which apply to arboricultural operations.

The SMC Advance Tech HX is ANSI compliant.

The full ANSI Z133 safety requirements are available on our tree care standards page.

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Excellent Review by: David Eaton

“This SMC Advanced Pulley is amazing. I work for a tree company and we use the old mechanical advantage (5:1) and the prusik is always binding up when we go to set the line out. I just bought SMC Advance Tech HX Pulley for my personal business and its more efficient - less time resetting the line which saves me time while working! ”

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