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Rigging Rings by Tylaska

Rigging Rings by Tylaska Rigging Rings by Tylaska Rigging Rings by Tylaska Rigging Rings by Tylaska
Rigging Rings by Tylaska image Rigging Rings by Tylaska

Buy Rigging Rings by Tylaska

20mm x 14mm
28mm x 20mm
38mm x 28mm

Rigging rings are high-strength aluminum rings perfect for making retrievable false crotches, slings, or other customer rigging tools. Running the rigging line through the center hole these rings can be used on spliced slings or false crotches in place of a rigging block.

  • 20mm x 14mm • MBS 45 kN
  • 28mm x 20mm • MBS 100 kN
  • 38mm x 28mm • MBS 125 kN

Tylaska Ring Ferrules are lighter and smaller than a conventional pulley block and have become a popular alternative for many applications where traditional blocks once ruled. Instead of rolling on a pulley sheave, the active line with a ferrule merely slides on the inside smooth surface of the ring. Another line is spliced around the ferrule for attaching it. This attachment line is sometimes made as a loop that is luggage tagged onto a padeye or the toe rail. Frictional losses are not as big as one might think, especially when using low friction line such as dyneema. In addition to being lighter and less expensive than conventional blocks, ring ferrules are also less prone to failure since there are no pulleys to crack or bearings to foul.

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