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Tango Chainsaw Lanyard, Slim

Tango Chainsaw Lanyard, Slim
Tango Chainsaw Lanyard, Slim image Tango Chainsaw Lanyard, Slim by Drayer

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Elastic saw lanyard with predetermined breaking point, 0.7/1.4 kN. 70 - 140cm (27.5" - 55") length, 12 mm (1/2") width. Light, compact, and easy to keep out of the way.


Customer Reviews

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"I'm stoked to see you offering these! I have an older version (same function) that I've been using for about 5 years. It retracts to about 14" when the saw is stowed and allows my 6'4" self full reach in 99% of my positioning. If I can't reach it all I have to do is change my connection point to my left side (normally on the right) and I can reach it no problem.

I've had to drop a 460 w/28" bar on it once and it held just fine, I was a little worried at first, but not necessary.

The way I use this is put the key rings on my saddle side. Girth hitch a carabiner in the loop near the big ring and use that to attach to the saw. That allows quick change over from saw to saw. Rack the saw with the ring. Works pretty great! The price is excellent too."

-Evan Sussman, Sonshine Tree Care, LLC

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