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Airline Throw Line

Petzl Airline Throw Line EVA Core Maintains Roundness in Airline Throw Line Airline Available in 300m Roll Airline Deluxe Throw Line Kit
Petzl Airline Throw Line image Petzl Airline Throw Line

Buy Airline Throw Line

60m (197') Roll
300m (984') Roll

Petzl Jet Throw Bags

250g / 9oz.
300g / 10.5oz.
350g / 12.5oz.

Our newest throw line is Petzl's Airline, a highly visible snag free throw line made from 100% Dyneema SK75 that is pre-stretched and tensile-set then treated with a vinyl coating. Compact design glides easily over branches allowing lighter throw weights.

Petzl's Airline throw cord is an excellent choice for performance throw line. Airline has a Dyneema sheathe for added toughness and abrasion resistance over an EVA core. This construction helps it stay nice and round and glide through the tree easily. Airline is very light, so you don't need a very heavy throw weight. Airline throw cord is just the right blend between flexible and stiff for a cord that throws easily right out of the bag or cube and resist knotting and tangling.

Airline is 1.8mm in diameter and has a tensile strength of 550 lb (250 kg).

THR136, THR137
  • High strength
  • EVA core
  • Lightweight
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Glides easily through foliage
Manufacturer : Petzl
Made in : France
Diameter : 1.8mm
Tensile strength : 550 lb (250 kg)
Weight : 2.1 g/m

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Terrible Review by: Richard

“I purchased this throwline this spring. At first I was very frustrated with it but I assumed its performance would improve as it broke in. It didn't. Instead it may have gotten worse. Even after carefully flaking it into the throwline cube it knotted up constantly. Birds nest after birds nest. I harassed a petzl rep about it and he just shook his head in agreement. Switched to Samson zing it, 1,000% improvement. It's almost difficult to tangle even when maybe you deserved a tangle. ”

Review by: Niceguydave

“I have been trying out the new throw line from Petzl. It is a Dyneema sheathe over what seems like foam core. Brand new off the 60 meter spool it was stiff with a lot of memory. After a few dozen shots in the rain it started to break in. It is one of the better lines for hand throws I have used (after a little bit of break in). With 10 oz. weights the bag would come down easily through dense conifer at around 75 feet. It sails through the air out of the cube with no problems. Overall, after my initial thoughts on the stiffness, it is a great throw line. Petzl hit the mark with this one.”

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