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These hatchets serve a variety of purposes, from tree-work to camping, hunting and fishing.

3.5 lb Wedge Hatchet

3.5 lb Wedge Hatchet


This hatchet is really the same axe as the 5 lb faller’s axe, but with a lighter 3.5 lb head and a 20” handle. This shorted size makes it absolutely awesome for pounding wedges with the back side, or making quick work of branches in close quarters.

Silky Ono

Silky Ono


The Ono is a compact hatchet which brings Silky quality to a powerful chopping tool. 4.7" blade, weighs 1.75 lb. Case included.

14” Fiskars Hatchet

14” Fiskars Hatchet


1.7 lb head on this lightweight hatchet won't weigh you down if you take it up the tree to pound wedges. Shock-absorbing handle, great balance.

Climber's Wedge Kit

Climber's Wedge Kit

Tuffy Wedges Kit

Kit contains two 5 1/2" wedges, two 8" wedges (choose Oregon or Tuffy wedges), Fiskar's hatchet, and pre-tied cord loops for easily hanging wedges/hatchet on the saddle.

Handmade Forestry Axes

Gränsfors Bruks Mini Hatchet


A perfect mini-hatchet for quick, small cuts, camping, and general utility. Backpacker’s dream.

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