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Zip Lining

WesSpur customers spoke, and we listened! By popular request, WesSpur has expanded its available zip line gear. We now stock a variety of zip line trolleys, harnesses, and other gear for setting up and using zip lines.

Arborist Specialty Pulley

Trac Pulley for Tyrolean Traverses (zip-lines)


This double pulley is designed for cable or rope Tyroleans with an integrated Petzl Vertigo carabiner built-in. It's ideal for use in forest adventure parks or your home-made zip-lines. The Trac is easily installed with one hand, and the aligned sheaves and sealed ball bearings will give great performance with minimal friction and maximum efficiency. 1/2” capacity. Not designed for use in rigging zip-lines. (See our speed line kit for use with branches and logs.) WLL 450 lb. Breaking Strength 4,500 lb.

SMC Shuttle - Rope

SMC Shuttle - Rope


The Shuttle Rope is designed for service in Tyrolean's, modest length ziplines or other mountaineering and rescue applications. Ideal for everyone who wants to put up a zipline in their backyard, mountaineering, and other rope access or rescue environments where a light weight, strong and reliable tandem pulley is ideally suited. For use only on rope. Features 4 independent ball bearings, high quality light weight aluminum sheaves, stainless steel fasteners and multiple connection points. Made in the U.S.A.

5,845 lb breaking strength, 1/2” capacity, 4.25” long x 3.21” high, weighs 8oz.

SMC Shuttle - Xtreme

SMC Shuttle - Xtreme


The Shuttle Cable Xtreme is considered the top dog in the SMC tandem series line. Designed for extreme or continuous service in permanently rigged challenge courses, commercial ziplines and eco-tourism applications. Ideal in high-use environment where users push their gear to the limit. Focusing on the commercial operator by giving them the ability to replace bearings and extending the overall useful life of this extraordinary pulley. The Shuttle Xtreme is light weight, strong and reliable, along with user replaceable sealed ball bearings and long wear alloy sheaves makes this the ideal tandem pulley for the professional user. Maximum speed rating is 20 meters per second.

5,845 lb breaking strength, 1/2” capacity, 4.25” long x 3.21” high, weighs 8oz.

Half Inch Capacity Blocks and Pulleys

Petzl Tandem Pulley


Designed for Tyrolean traverses on rope or making zip lines. Sheaves mounted on self-lubricating bushings for good efficiency. Maximum allowable speed: 10 m/s. Accepts up to three carabiners to facilitate use.
WLL 2,225 lb. Breaking Strength 5,400 lb.

Velocity Micro Trolley Pulley

Velocity Micro Trolley Pulley


Stainless Steel side plates, two 1 1/2” Stainless Steel sheaves, Bearing, and Stainless Steel axle.
WLL 1,400 lb. Breaking Strength 14,000 lb.

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