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Jameson Big Mouth JA-34 Pole Pruner Parts

Keep your Jameson “Big Mouth” JA-34 in top repair and cutting efficiently with these Jameson replacement parts. Many of the replacement parts for this pruner are interchangeable with the Jameson JA-14 pruner heads. If you need assistance selecting the parts you need, please call and speak to one of our customer service representatives.

Jameson JA-34 Pruner Parts Diagram

Lever Block SAW2310
Jameson JAZ111A

Big Mouth Replacement Blade SAW2338
Jameson JBM101

Blade Bolt w/Nut SAW2312
Jameson JAZ105

Big Mouth Return Spring SAW2328
Jameson JBM104

Lower Spring Pin SAW2331
Jameson JBM110

Lever Bolt & Nut SAW2328
Jameson JAZ124

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