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Marvin Pole Pruner Parts

WesSpur stocks all the replacement springs, pulleys, pins, blades, and castings you need to keep your Marvin pruner in top condition and cutting efficiently. The replacement parts listed here are for the Marvin Ph4R pruner head which is sold in our complete Marvin pruner kit. If you need assistance selecting the parts you need, please call and speak to one of our customer service representatives.

Marvin Ph4R Pruner Parts Diagram
Block Bolt Washer & Nut SAW2267
Marvin Z-124

Lower Spring Pin SAW2266
Marvin Z-110

Return Spring SAW2289
Marvin Z-104

Upper Spring Pin SAW2270
Marvin Z-106

Pulley Trunnion Pin SAW2269
Marvin Z-116

Steel Rivet SAW2271
Marvin Z-130

Pulley Assembly SAW2283
Marvin Z-115

Lever SAW2276
Marvin Y-102

Link SAW2277
Marvin Z-103

Blade SAW2272
Marvin Z-101

Cap Screw, Washer, Nut SAW2273
Marvin Z-105

Hook SAW2268
Marvin Y-101

Link Pin #SAW2278
Marvin Z-108

Lever Block SAW2275
Marvin Z-111

Casting SAW2263
Marvin Y-104

Pole Bolts & Nuts SAW2293
Marvin Z-117C

Rope Anchor SAW2264
Marvin Z-120A

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